#SayWhatNews – Shutdown Is Over – Adrian Petersons 7 Kids – Dr. Conrad Wants License Back – Harry Belafonte Suing MLK’s Estate – Mike Tyson Cares About Pigeons

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Happy Birthday to Eminem 41 and Wyclef 44

Senate Deal Announced. Shutdown Is Over – The senate has passed a deal that the House approved and Obama voted. The deal would reopen federal agencies thus ending the 17 day government shut down. The deal doesn’t make and huge changes to Obamacare but would allow the treasury to continue borrowing to pay the nations bills until February 7 and raise the debt ceiling. The vote will fund federal agencies until January 15th. One republican said “Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president’s healthcare law will continue” and that they are fighting with “everything they have” to make their desired changes. Whomp Whomp dude sit down.


Adrian Petersons 7 Children – In the past week 2 love children of Adrian Peterson’s have been revealed and now there are reports that 4 more kids are out there with his DNA. Former stripper Erica Syion, who met AP in Houston several years back, went on TMZ yesterday to say that he has 7 kids by 5 different women. She says that he pays his child support but that he could do more to be an active presence in his kids’ lives.


Bad News For Male Bacon Lovers Trying To Conceive – If you’re a guy and you plan on having kids sometime in the future you may want to lay off of the swine. A new study has found a negative relationship between processed meat and semen quality. Researchers at Harvard say that even 1-2 slices of bacon a day can negatively affect a man’s fertility. Overall, 156 of the men studied who had processed meat as the main part of their diet were having trouble conceiving a child with their partners. Men with less processed meat (hamburgers , hot dogs and bacon) in their diet had fewer fertility troubles.


Dr. Conrad Murray Wants To Practice Again – The doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death will be released from jail in 2 weeks and sources close to him say that after a short hiatus, he wants to practice medicine again. He believes that he was singled out, treated unfairly and will fight his license revocations in both Texas and California. The Michael Jackson case was the first blemish on his 20 year medical record but I doubt people will be lining up to be treated by him any time soon.


Harry Belafonte Suing MLK’s Estate – Harry Belafonte is suing Martin Luther King Jr’s estate over the rights to three documents. The documents include: an outline of a Vietnam War speech, notes to a speech King never delivered because of his untimely death and a condolence letter from President Johnson to Coretta Scott King after her husband’s death. Belafonte tried to sell the documents at an auction in 2008 and the estate blocked it. King and Belafonte were very close and the documents were included in a number of items that Mrs. King gave to Belafonte after Dr. King’s death. The lawsuit said that King frequently gave notes and speeches to his friends during the civil rights movement and know the estate is making “illegitimate changes” to King’s gift giving. A representative for the estate had no comment on the matter.


Gov Corbett Releases Funding For City Schools – Following the death of an elementary school girl in Philadelphia who died as a result of there not being a school nurse on hand to aid her during an asthma attack- civil rights groups and school advocates have upped the pressure on government officials to provide the funding necessary to have adequate staffing in the city’s schools. Yesterday, Governor Tom Corbett announced that he will be released $45 million that he had been withholding. Corbett originally said that he would not release the funds until teachers in the union agreed to a $100 million concessions contract that would decrease their pay and benefits. A representative for the American Federation of Teachers said, “Let me be clear: There should never have been a delay in the release of these funds. But thanks to the united voices of thousands of parents, students, teachers and community activists from Philadelphia and across the country, Gov. Corbett has finally done the right thing.” A rep form the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers agreed with these sentiments saying, “The school district must immediately begin the process of restoring all of our school counselors, secretaries, and non-instructional personnel, increase the number of school nurses and eliminate split grades in our schools.”


Mike Tyson Says Government Wants To Get Rid Of Pigeons – There are a ton of government conspiracies out there but probably none as strange as the one Mike Tyson is suggesting. The champion and pigeon lover was talking at LAX yesterday when the bird he loves came into the discussion. He said that the government is introducing falcons in cities with large pigeon populations like NYC to “curb the pigeon population”. He’s not that far off because according to official government reports there was an operation back in 2003 that introduced hawks as a way to keep the pigeons under control but it’s said that the experiment ended when a small dog was attacked.


Obama Reveals The Coolest Thing About Being President – There are countless perks to being the leader of the free world but according to Obama the best thing about being president is that everyone takes your phone calls. During an interview he said, “I think the coolest thing is that if there’s somebody interesting who’s doing anything -– a scientist, a sports figure, a writer, anybody in the world –- if I want to call ’em up and talk to ’em, they will answer my phone call. And that’s a pretty cool thing.” This came up because a reporter told Obama that his daughter thought the coolest thing about being president would be meeting Jay Z and Beyonce to which he responded “You can tell your daughter that that is a view shared by Malia and Sasha.”


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