#SayWhatNews – Sprite Is Good For Hangovers – Aaron Hernanadez Says He’s Not Crazy – Jerry Sandusky Son Gets DUI – Cop In SUV Biker Brawl Arrested

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Sprite Is A Good Cure For Hangovers – A team of Chinese scientists have come to the conclusion that Sprite may be the hangover solution we’ve been looking for. They found that Sprite has the ability to break down acetaldehyde- a metabolite in ethanol. The drink showed positive effects on alcohol related symptoms. Other drinks tested in the same study seemed to increase the severity of alcohol related symptoms.

Police Are Looking For Man Who Beat Blind Man – Philadelphia police have released a surveillance video and are asking for the public’s help in bringing a man to justice. The video shows a 33 year old blind man being pushed from behind and then taking a bad beating. The attacker punched and kicked the man nearly a dozen times while he lay on the ground defenseless. The tape shows that there were bystanders near by who did nothing to help and waited until the beating was over to call police. The victim was robbed and suffered serious injuries to the face and head. Philly police chief Charles Ramsey is disgusted by bystanders these days who would rather record a video than call authorities. Police hope that anyone with information will come forward.

Update: The man has been caught

Aaron Hernandez Says He’s Not Mentally Ill – Aaron Hernandez is currently on trial for the murder of 27 year old Odin Llyod and during his first day in court his sanity has been brought into question. The judge asked him a series of questions about his mental health and overall state of being. Hernandez responded by saying that he is not mentally ill and is perfectly healthy. If convicted Hernandez is facing life in prison.

Man Who Beat Wife For Not Calling Him Sir Found Guilty – 29 year old Dan Kopp of central PA has been found guilty after beating his wife when she failed to call him ‘sir’ in front of their children. According to reports he beat his wife on a daily basis with either a wooden paddle or his hand when he thought that she was being disrespectful towards him. His wife used an iPhone to record the incident that sent him to jail. He has been charged with stalking and harassment, will serve 1-23 months in jail and one year probation upon his release.

Jerry Sandusky’s Son Gets DUI – Jerry Sandusky’s son Jon Sandusky was arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. Jon is the director of player personnel for the Cleveland Browns and was pulled over at around 2AM for making an illegal u-turn. He was booked and later released from a North Dakota jail- spending much less time than his dad who’s facing 30-60 years for his sexual abuse of 10 boys.

Cop In SUV Biker Brawl Gets Arrested – One of the NYPD officers present during the biker brawl that left a man beaten in front of his wife and child has been arrested. 32 year old Wojciech Braszczok was on a deep undercover assignment when the brawl took place. He turned himself in to authorities and was charged with riot and criminal mischief. Braszczok was off duty at the time and was caught on camera punching the SUV’s window ultimately shattering it. When he originally came forward he said that he was not involved in the riot at all but did admit to not calling authorities which is a problem because undercover officers are required to report being a witness to a crime. It’s not clear why he was riding with the bikers in the first place but he’ll make his first appearance in court next Wednesday.

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