#SayWhatNews – Support Growing For Legal Weed – Most Disliked Player – Jets Fan Punches Woman – Americans Tired Of GOP – Harmful DogTreats

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Support For Legalizing Marijuana Grows To Highest Point Ever – According to a Gallup poll released yesterday the approval ratings for legalizing marijuana have reached their highest point in history. The poll revealed that 58% of Americans are in support of legalizing marijuana- that percentage is up 8% from 2011 and 10% from 2012. Most support comes from independent voters but the majority of all age ranges are in support of legalization including 2/3 of voters from 18-29. The survey was based on a 1028 person sample of Americans questioned from October 3rd to October 6th.


Vick Is The Most Disliked Player– More than 4 years after serving his time for his role in a dog fighting operation Michael Vick still tops the list as one of the most disliked NFL players in the league. This is based on a poll conducted by Forbes.com that “measures public opinion of thousands of celebrities based on likeability, awareness, confidence and many other attributes.” According to the site Vick gets high scores among hardcore NFL fans but the casual NFL fan still holds his past against him. Following Vick on the list were Manti Te’o, Ndamukong Suh, Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer and Reggie Bush. In response Vick said, “I can’t be worried about that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.” He said his only concern is his health and family. The guy made a mistake. Can we forgive him already! He’s only human.


1. Michael Vick

2. Manti Te’o

3. Ndamukong Suh

4. Ben Roethlisberger

5. Mark Sanchez

6. Jay Cutler

7. Tony Romo

8. Tom Brady

9. Carson Palmer

10. Reggie Bush


In other Mick Vick news, he is allegedly starting in the game of Sunday.


Bear Spotted In Burlington County – A bear was sited in Burlington County near Route 206 and Route 68 in Mansfield Township. Police are still trying to locate the animal and capture it. Yogi was crossing the streets and everything. He went into the woods and they haven’t seen him since. So far, no homes have been evacuated and no injuries have been reported.



Jets Fan Punched Woman In The Face And Previously Stab A Teen – 38-year-old Kurt Paschke was caught on tape over the weekend punching a woman in the face after the Jets/ Patriots game. According to Kurt’s mother, who was at the game, Kurt and the people he was with harassed the entire game by a rowdy group of Patriots fans. She said that after the game the group was upset about he loss and proceeded to jump Kurt- who is a die hard Jets fan. Kurt ended up punching a woman in the face! Kurt’s mother said that punching the woman was in self-defense and that he is a really a “victim” in the situation. BUT This is not his first run in with the law or violence however. When he was 17 he was convicted of stabbing another teenager at a pizza parlor. Apparently Paschke got into a physical altercation with Henri Ferrer that ended in Paschke stabbing him four times in the upper body. Kurt was able to plead guilty to a lesser charge because his father was a cop at the time and he spent 3 years in jail. Ferrer’s father remembered the situation saying, “He murdered my son, and he got a minimum sentence for killing a 17-year-old boy. He got away with it because his father is a sergeant.” Kurt’s friends describe him as a “nice guy” who wouldn’t have provoked the fight at the football game and that he was simply trying to protect himself and his mother. Police will not comment on whether he will be charged saying that they are “aware of the video, and the incident is under investigation.”


75% Of Americans Want GOP Out! – Following the government shutdown that left countless Americans out of work for about 2 weeks have hit the GOP ratings hard. According to the most recent polls, 75% of Americans do not think that the Republican members of Congress deserve to be re-elected in 2014. Only about 20% of pollers said that the GOP should be re-elected for another term. Democrats also took a hit to their ratings. About 54% of people do not think the democratic members of Congress deserve to be re-elected but 42% said that they do deserve another term. The poll data was gathered from 841 people who were questioned between October 18th and 20th.


Apple Reveals New I-Pad Air – Yesterday Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed Apple’s newest secrets including the iPad Air. The new iPad will be 8 times faster than older versions, is 20% thinner, will be sleeker and lighter, and will have a 5 megapixel rear camera. It only weighs 1 pound.They also announced a new operating system called Mavericks. You probably noticed there was an update for your Apple softwares.  My I-Pad Mini had an update. The new 16GB I-Pad will start at $500 and will start shipping on November 1st.

Dogs Dead From Eating Jerky Treats- Since 2007 more than 600 dogs have died and more than 3500 dogs have fallen ill after eating Fido jerky treats imported from China. Even though there have been several recalls on the product the death and sick tally continue to rise. The FDA is reaching out to vets to try to bring the situation under control asking them to send uring and blood samples from diseased and sick dogs for futher testing. They say that “This testing will allow FDA to get a better idea of how many of the suspected cases involve Fanconi syndrome (a disorder of the kidney tubes), whether or not the pets display symptoms of kidney or urinary disease.” The FDA is not sure what about the chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky is making the dogs sick considering that contamination testing done on the treats has not suggested any clues to the cause. Its believed that the deaths have slowed down because dog owners have stopped feeding their dogs these kinds of treats but several other big brand treats have been voluntarily recalled just to be safe.


Woman Pregnant From Her Dad / Fugees Director Gets Scholarship –  Aziza Kibbi- the woman who was basically a sex slave to her father throughout her entire childhood (Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” music video director) – has decided to write a memoir about her life. Kibbi was impregnated by her father 5 times as a result of the abuse. She has started a campaign to raise $19,000 to publish her 410 page book which will be entitled “Unashamed.” When speaking on the memoir she said “The number one solution for ending something that is dark is to bring it to light.” Female empowerment organization, Soroptimist, has given Kibbi a $10K scholarship to help her with the project and say, “’Many of the women that have received the grant have overcome enormous obstacles including poverty, sexual and domestic violence, the death of a spouse, and substance abuse.”


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