#SayWhatNews Twerking Arrest – Obama Offended By “Redskins” – Biker Arrested In SUV Beatdown – 9 Year Old Sneaks On Plane

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Homeless Woman Arrested For Twerking In Front Of School Bus – More craziness out of Florida, surprising right? A 27-year-old homeless woman named Valerie Dixon was arrested for getting her twerk on in front of a school bus filled with children.She started dancing with one hand on her ankle and the other on her genitals as the kids looked on. She doesn’t have a record and was charged with disorderly conduct. She was taken into custody and released after posting $250 bond.


Gov Corbett Compares Gay Marriage To Incest – The battle to allow gay couples to marry in PA continues, governor Tom Corbett has stated his views on the issue.Told you guys about the state clerk that was issuing gay marriage licenses against the state’s request not to because gay marriage is not legal in PA.Well recently Gov. Corbett gave his thoughts on this and said that gay marriage is like brothers and sisters getting married. That caused a crazy uproar.Corbett later apologized for the statements and said that he was simply trying to compare gay marriage to another group that is not allowed by state law to be married and that is brother and sister.


Undercover Cop Witnessed SUV Driver Getting Beatdown – Reports are now circulating that an undercover cop was among the bikers gang that followed and beat up a father driving his family in a SUV.The off duty officer rides with the New Rochelle Front Line Soldiers and waited 3 days to come forward and say that he witnessed the altercation.A law enforcement source said, “It does not appear that he got involved at the scene. He didn’t want to blow his cover.”The undercover cop has hired a lawyer, been placed on modified duty and turned in his gun and badge.  He is also part of an internal investigation. In other related news, the man that bashed the car window with his helmet and pulled the SUV driver out to beat him up has turned himself in and is being charged with gang assault and other charges. The man has 21 prior arrests for charges ranging from drugs to robbery to gun possession. There are pictures all over the internet of him putting up his middle finger to the paps.


Barack Obama Says Redskins Name Is Offensive – Obama has been sharing the home of the Washington Redskins but he’s made it clear that he is not a fan of the team’s name. During a recent interview he said that the name offends “a sizeable group of people”. He said, “I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things” and “I don’t want to detract from the wonderful Redskins fans that are here. They love their team, and rightly so.” Because of the rising controversy about the teams name, the skins issued an official statement saying that the name is rooted in “history, legacy and tradition.” The owner is not down with the name change and has vowed to keep it as is for as long as he is in charge.

Report Says 1 in 3 Black Males Will Go To Prison In Their Lifetime – A Washington-based advocacy group for prison reform has released new findings that say 1/3 African American males will go to prison at least once in their lifetime. The group says that racial disparity can be seen at every stage in the justice system from arrest to trial to sentencing. Black men are more likely to be arrested, convicted and receive harsher sentences than their white counter parts. The 1/3 is compared to 1/6 for Latino males and 1/17 for white males. The authors of the study say that the “U.S. is violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that all citizens must be treated equally under the law” and says a lot of this is to blame on the police racially discriminating and the fact that Blacks and Hispanics can rarely afford a lawyer and get public defenders who just don’t care. The report was submitted to the UN’s Human Rights Committee last week for review.


9 Year Old Sneaks On A Plane – Most 9 year olds sneak into the cookie far but for a Minneapolis 9 year old planes are more his speed.  Despite check points and security measures the kid was able to sneak through the airport, board a Delta flight and make it all the way to Las Vegas. A spokesperson for the Minneapolis airport tried to divert blame away from the airport saying, “At this point, this is a Delta and TSA issue. This is a rare incident.” He apparently took somone’s luggage off of the carousel, ordered food at a pre-security restaurant and even asked the waiter to watch his stuff for him while he went to the bathroom. The boy was a runaway and this was his first major offence. Delta airlines said they are fully cooperating in the investigation, which is looking into how he could pass 3 levels of security, TSA agents and flight crew all without having a boarding pass.

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