News: Jay Z Announces Launch Of New Cologne

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gold jay z

Jay Z is adding ‘fragrance line’ to the long list of business ventures that make him and Queen Bey Forbes’ highest earning couple! The cologne for men will be called “Gold Jay Z” and according to reports Jigga went through more than 3,000 other names before settling on the title. After picking up one of the bottles he said “this is the sh*t; it’s gold.” Guess it stuck. Despite all of the recent controversy, “Gold” will be released through Barney’s on November 20th and will be available at more than 2000 other department stores on Black Friday- just in time for the holidays! Jay teamed up with  Ilias Ermenidis to develop the fragrance. About the partnership, Ermenidis said:

I was impressed with JAY Z’s style and confidence and was drawn to the ease with which he carries himself and all of his success. He has a natural cool that people want a piece of. In developing GOLD JAY Z, I wanted to capture both the vibrant ambitious part of JAY Z’s charismatic persona and his effortless style that he naturally embodies through a fusion of notes chosen by JAY Z.”

The bottles seemed to be pretty reasonably priced- one will set you back between $39 and $70.

Looks like Jay got all of the “facts” he was looking for before deciding whether to severe ties with Barney’s over the racial profiling allegations. It’s a good thing because a lot of people will receive education benefits from the collab thanks to the Shawn Carter Foundation.

(Now all we need is for Bey to drop a new fragrance because Heat and Rush are on POINT!)



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