News: Akon Doesn’t Think One Woman Can Satisfy A Man

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Akon says if polygamy were legal in the US, there would be less domestic disputes. We know that Akon believes in having multiple wives, he said,

“The average guy in the world has a main girl and they got a side chick. And then they got a jumpoff. At the end of the day as a male, we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to. Men are put on this earth to breed and the reason why God put multiple women on this earth is for that. When looking at reproduction, there’s always going to be more reproducing that actual reproducers themselves. There’s more to it scientifically, but as humans, women need to take more time to understand men. If they can do that I think things will work out better for us.”

Akon you the homie from Jersey, but what i am going to do with you? This sounds like an excuse to cheat and how about men start working on understanding us just as much as we work on understanding yall.



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