News: Kanye Cuts Nike Off And Befriends Adidas

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We have all been wondering what is going on with the Red Octobers aka Yeezy 2. Ye been having some issues with Nike apparently. He had designed these sneakers for them 3 years ago and they never gave them a release date. Ye said he asked them for royality money and they shut that down. Ye asked them for a joint venture and that was a no go. He said Michael Jordan has 5% and that business is $2 billion and that was the only joint venture Nike has ever done with an athlete. Nike told him they can’t give him royalties because he’s not a professional athlete. Sooo he now has something going on with Adidas which hasn’t been made official yet. Hey if they don’t love you. Leave them right.  He’s trying to own stuff, not just create things for others to profit. Smart man.



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