#SayWhatNews – Incognito Challenges Suspension – Crackhead TO Mayor Says What? – Burger King Apologizes – Obama Changes Insurance Plans

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Happy birthday to E-40 who is 46 today and B.o.B. who is 25.


Richie Incognito Files For Grievance – Yesterday, the NFL Players Association confirmed that Richie Incognito, who has been suspended from the Miami Dolphins for his racially charged hazing of fellow team mate Jonathan Martin, has filed for a non-jury grievance against the team. The official statement said “The grievance challenges his suspension for conduct which was alleged to have occurred while he was with the club. In the grievance, Incognito requests that the hearing be held on an expedited basis so that he can immediately resume playing for the team. The NFL Players Association will continue to protect the rights of all players.”It’s assumed that Incognito is asking for the expedited appeal because he is losing more than $200K for every game week that he is suspended. If the grievance fails to get him put back on the team then the Dolphins have until December 2nd to decide whether they are going to reinstate him or cut him officially.


Crackhead Toronto Mayor Is Turning Up! – Last week Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to having smoked crack in the past and this week he is making more public apologies. Ford was accused by his former chief of staff of doing lines of cocaine and having relations with a prostitute. He denied the allegations and made some pretty crazy remarks in front of the cameras at the press release. He said “they are saying I wanted to eat her p—y. I’ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.” Yo! This guy is my new favorite hotmess! Rob Ford immediately regretted that he said and has since apologized for the choice of words. His wife appeared with him as he said that the accusations pushed him “over the line” and he said “When you attack my integrity as a father and a husband, I see red.” Ford plans to take legal action against his former chief of staff and says that he is receiving support from health care professionals.


Burger King Apologizes – Burger King is issuing formal apologies for a message that appeared on one of their billboards in Washington state last summer. The message said, “Now hiring. Must be Mexican.” Corporate reps for Burger King said that the billboard was edited by a pissed off former employee. Their official apology stated, “The sign in question was posted briefly last summer, without approval at a franchise-owned and operated restaurant. Please know the franchisee has informed us that the employee who posted and photographed this sign was immediately terminated as a result. The Burger King team is dedicated to diversity and inclusion.” BK’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments from angry customers after the image of the racially insensitive message went viral.  Another Man Tased On Video By PoliceBut this one is a little different. A new video has emerged that shows a Virginia man being tased by police for about 402 consecutive seconds as they man yelled in pain. 36 year old Lantz Day was in the passenger seat of a car that hit several vehicles as it fled down a street. Officers eventually got the car to stop. The driver got away but Day could not. Police say that Day got belligerent while being questioned and even tried to flee the scene, which is when he was tased. The video shows the officer tasing him for an extended period of time and Day can be heard screaming, “Stop it! Stop it!” An investigation is underway to determine whether the forced used in this situation was warranted or excessive. The victim was ultimately charged with obstruction of justice and released on $3500 bond.


Obama Visits Mount Airy To Fundraise – Obama was present at a huge fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in West Mount Airy (PA) at the home of Comcast Corporate Executive David L. Cohen. He made a 10 minute speech at the event where he praised the Democratic Senate and spoke on the Obamacare website malfunctions, his future goals like rebuilding infrastructure and improving early childhood education as well as the necessity of politicians to “sync up that spirit of goodness” so as not to divide the American people. Attendees paid $10K- $30K per plate and the event ended up raising close to $1 million for the DSCC. He’s trying to make sure these democrats have enough money to run and stay in office so he has support to pass the bills he wants to pass.


Miss Universe Speaks On Transgender Beauty Queens –The newly crowned Miss Universe (formally Miss Venezuela) has spoken out on an issue that has gotten caused a lot of controversy lately- whether transgender contestants should be allowed to compete in international beauty pageants. She said, “They should have their own pageant, I think, and maybe they can realize in this pageant, Miss Universe, or the other pageants [were] made for women. They are… they have the opportunity, but I think that they have to compete with the same… the same team. Right?… It’s not my decision. I would like to have the power to make all of the decisions. But, as a human being, you have to [have the opportunity] to realize… to make your dreams come true.” Miss Universe’s opinions oppose those of the 2012 Miss Universe who was in support of transgender women competing for international titles.


Obama Says Americans Can Keep Canceled Insurance Plans – Despite criticism and pressure from Democrats, President Obama reversed his position yesterday on health care and said that Americans who’ve gotten cancellation notices because their individual health insurance plans don’t meet the minimum requirements under the Affordable Care Act should be allowed to keep their plans for another year. Now here is the thing the ACA aka Obamacare is requiring certain mandates.  Insurance company can’t deny someone health care with pre-existing conditions, it has to be affordable, everyone has to have insurance, the coverage pays at least 60%, maternity stuff etc etc  You know the website is off to a rocky start so Obama is probably thinking since it’s a disaster this would give people coverage until he gets everything together. Obama had been slammed when the cancellation notices started going out for repeatedly saying Obamacare would not affect people who were happy with their current insurance. So with this new position individual companies will now decide which plans to keep, subject to the approval of state insurance commissioners. But after Obama’s news conference, the major health insurance industry trade group and state insurance commissioners warned that the change in policy could lead to higher premium prices. The new policy will also require insurance companies to inform people who want to keep canceled plans about what they don’t cover, and what their new options are under the ACA.


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