#SayWhatNews – KKK Recruiting – Face Of Obamacare Speaks – Heisman Candidate Suspect For Assault – PS 4 Dropping – Treme Star Sues Macy’s

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Happy birthday to Rev Run, member of Run DMC, who is 49 today!


KKK Recruiting – The KKK in Florida got pretty bold with their recruiting tactics over the weekend. Residents of a historically black neighborhood were surprised when they woke up to KKK flyers across their front yards. The KKK chapter is looking to get new members and were passing around the flyers with the message “Our Race Is Our Nation.” One resident of the New Smyrna neighborhood said “I am absolutely and totally offended that someone at a time like this would come into this community and distribute this type of literature.” The KKK president said that the flyers were delivered at night and it was not known that the neighborhood was predominately black. Another resident said that he’s not buying it and believes that the neighborhood was “targeted”. While residents complained to the police the flyers are protected by free speech.


Face Of Obamamare (Affordable Care Act) Webiste Comes Forward – The smiling woman whose face was on the Affordable Care Act’s website for weeks before being removed has come forward, charging that she was the victim of cyberbullying after the site rolled out. The woman, who asked that only her first name, Adriana, be used, told ABC News, she’d responded to an email from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services about having photos of her and her family taken for free in exchange for allowing the photos to be used on the website. She wasn’t paid for them. Adriana said she was stunned by the reaction to her photo, which included not only late-night TV jokes, but angry and vicious comments. She said, “I don’t know why people should hate me because it’s just a photo. I didn’t design the website. I didn’t make it fail, so I don’t think they should have any reasons to hate me.” Adriana, who is Colombian, is married to a U.S. citizen and they have a young son. She said she’s lived legally in the U.S. for more than six years and is a permanent resident applying for citizenship. Although she’s eligible for healthcare through the ACA, Adriana says she hasn’t signed up for it, and is neither for it or against it.


Florida State QB Investigated For Sexual Assault – The QB for Florida State’s football team, Jameis Winston, is under investigation for a sexual assault that took place almost a year ago. The official Tallahassee police report does not specifically  mention Winston’s name and they refused to answer any questions about the case. The suspect was name listed as “Unknown” and is described as a black male with a muscular build between 5-9 and 5-11 and 240 pounds, with “straight” black hair and brown eyes. Winston is listed by Florida State as 6-4, 228 pounds. One Tallahassee attorney said that Winston has not yet been interviewed by police and “We basically hope it will be resolved quickly and that Winston will be exonerated and he will be able to focus all his attention on academics and football.” The school and coach also refused to speak on the case about Winston who is a leading contender for The Heisman trophy. Sources have confirmed that he is a suspect and is being investigated.


PlayStation 4 Available Friday! – I’ve been talking about this. It’s $100 dollars cheaper than the X Box at will get you for $399. I’ve been reading some reviews and it seems the biggest difference is the control is a little different including a speaker and touchpad that can also be pressed like a large button. The X Box One will come out on November 22nd


ATT & Verizon Waive Fees To Contact Philippines – In the aftermath of Typhoon named Haiyan, ATT & Verizon are waiving the calling and text messaging fees for individuals calling the Philippines trying to reach family and friends affected by the storm. ATT customers will have unlimited call access to the Philippines until November 30th and any calls made started last Friday will be waived as well. Verizon is waiving the fees until December 7th and the changes are also waived to last Friday. Verizon, Sprint, ATT & T-mobile are offering customers the option of donating money to the relief fund via their bills and you can also donate through iTunes.


Richie Incognito Has A Black Driver – TMZ has captured video of Richie with a black chauffeur.  The driver says he a pleasure to drive around and he tips big big big. Okay! The driver said he’s a “very nice, very pleasant guy.” Great PR.


Treme Star Sues Macy’s – Treme actor Robert Brown is now officially added to the list of individuals accusing of Macy’s in New York for racial profiling. Brown says that he was shopping at the store back in June when he purchased a $1300 Movado watch for his mother’s graduation. After buying the watch he went to look for some sunglasses when he says he was approached by three men. He believes the men were undercover NYPD officers and alleges that they “publicly and falsely” accused him of credit card fraud before handcuffing him and walking him through the store. He was placed in a holding cell for more than an hour before they realized they were wrong and police tried to fix the situation by offering him a police escort to his mother’s graduation ceremony. Brown is now a part of the class action lawsuit against the retailer.


A Local Push For In God We Trust– During a rally held in PA’s capital yesterday, supporters of a bill that would require schools to post “In God We Trust” gathered together. The phrase has been the national motto for 50 years and is printed on US currency. About 150 people were present. The bill passed out of the House of Representatives last month with nearly all of the Republicans are in favor of it and all of the Democrats opposed. Supporters want “In God We Trust” to be posted somewhere in all schools.


Last Surviving I Love Lucy Cast Member Dead – Shirley Mitchell, most known for her role on I Love Lucy as Lucy’s friend has passed away at the age of 94. She was the last surviving member of the I Love Lucy cast. She died from heart failure complications according to her sister-in-law. RIP


Robot Handjobs? – A Japanese virtual reality company has teamed up with a sex toy and together they are created something called the VR Tanger. The product is a robotic hand job. The user would virtually watch some sort of “stimulating material” via glasses and would insert his manhood into the robot-controlled “tenga.” Huffpost conducted a survey to measure interest and only 9% of respondents said that they would get freaky with a robot if they had the chance. Watch the video of the simulation HERE.


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