#SayWhatNews – Murder Charge For Contractor – Obama Checks A Hater – No Plan B For Big Girls – Zimmerman Caught With Guns – Online Gambling Begins In NJ

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Happy birthday to Jaleel White 37 and Twista 39.

Philly Contractor Charged With Murder –Griffin Campbell, the building contractor responsible for a demolishing project that killed 6 people back in June here in Philly when an unsupported brick wall crashed down onto a Salvation Army store will be facing murder charges for his role in the deaths.Campbell had a deadline to meet and was being paid a flat rate so he was cutting corners wherever he could in order to get the job done. (Instead of working his way from the top of the building down, and supporting the walls along the way, he had his workers “remove the building’s façade, and then take out the side floor joints” to salvage parts.The Philadelphia District Attorney made an official statement saying, “The tragic and preventable collapse … robbed our city of six amazing Philadelphians that perished in the rubble and left an additional 13 wounded. The motive was greed.” ) Campbell’s subcontractor Sean Benschop has already been charged with involuntary manslaughter and is being held in jail on $1.6 million bond. (Benschop was also accused of being under the influence of marijuana and painkillers while operating machinery.) Campbell is facing six counts each of third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, risking a catastrophe, conspiracy and endangerment. Several of the victims’ families are filing suit against the contractors and the city.


Morning After Pill May Not Work For Big Women – American women who want to use the “morning-after pill” emergency contraception may have a reason for concern. In Europe they discovered that birth control is  completely ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds, and could begin losing effectiveness for those over 165 pounds. While the manufacturer of Norlevo is changing the packaging to reflect the weight limits, the makers of emergency contraception sold in the U.S., like Plan B One-Step, have yet to release similar findings. Plan B One-Step is sold over the counter.


Crackhead Mayor Rob Ford News – After getting his reality TV show cancelled looks like the porn industry is looking to pick up Toronto’s controversial mayor. According to reports Vivid Entertainment (same company that wanted Farrah from Teen Mom and Kendal Jenner) is offering Ford a deal to star in his very own adult film. Porn star Brandy Aniston said that it was her idea and that she would like to co-star alongside Rob. During an interview Aniston said that she thinks Ford is “cute” like a “teddy bear” and when asked about his performance in the bedroom she said, “Maybe if he was having one of those nights … maybe he would be great.” No reports on whether Ford has responded to the offer.


Online Gamgling in NJ – Yesterday New Jersey started allowing online gambling in the state. Because of Jersey’s large population analysts will now be able to tell if online gambling is a viable source of revenue for a state and whether tapping into a younger more eletronic-saavy generation will hurt the already struggling old-fashioned casinos. Gov. Chistie estimates that online gambling will bring in $1 billion to the state’s casinos in its first year and another $150 million in tax revenue. (Many analysts think that those values are a little ambitious and put the revenue somewhere in the $45 million in tax revenue range.) Jersey’s introduction will also allow analysts to determine if laws like bets being placed within state lines and by those over the age of 21 can really be enforced when gambling online. The president of the American Gaming Association said, “The Internet is the next frontier not just for gaming but for every industry. You can look at industries that have seized the potential of the Internet to leverage and grow their business. Then there are those companies like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video who tried to force people to consume their products how they wanted us to consume them, and went out of business. As an industry, the question is how do we get out ahead of this.” Worldwide, online gambling is a $33 billion market


Zimmerman Has Mad Guns – As if George Zimmerman wasn’t in enough trouble for the alleged assault and domestic battery of his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago- police have uncovered some thangs at his home. According to reports authorities found 5 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the house he shared with Samantha Scheibe. The weapons were described as a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15 assault rifle and three handguns.The search warrant also gave some scary insight into the actual altercation. It said, “During the altercation, Samantha Scheibe said that George Zimmerman pulled a shotgun out of his bag. Samantha Scheibe told George Zimmerman that she was going to contact law enforcement. George Zimmerman then pointed the gun at her and asked her if “she really wanted to do that.””Zimmerman is currently out on bail but under several conditions including: a prohibition on guns, not leaving the state, having no contact with his girlfriend and he must wear anckle monitoring bracelet. Surprisingly, Zimmerman was legally allowed to own guns despite his killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin last year.


Racism In Georgia –A man filling out a Dekalb County Court juror questionnaire in Georgia got a big surprise when he typed ‘S’ in the dropdown box looking to put ‘sales’ as his occupation and saw the word ‘slave’ as an option. Unsurprisingly, there was shock and outrage by the option and court administrators tried to explain the situation. A county official, said that the questionnaire went live a month ago but is based off of an internal list that has been used for more than 13 years. The list is said to be 62 pages long so no one really knows if ‘slave’ has always been there or if it was added when the online questionnaire was created. Blah Blah Blah.She went on to confirm that the option was removed as soon as it was brought to the county’s attention but that it will take them a while to figure out how it got there in the first place.


What Makes You Sleepy On Thanksgiving  – Contrary to myth, it’s not the amino acid tryptophan in turkey that makes you sleepy after eating dinner on Thanksgiving Day, since there isn’t enough of it to send you into that food coma. NationalGeographic.com explains that scientists pin the blame instead of drinking alcohol, the large amount of calories eaten during an average Thanksgiving meal, or just relaxing after stressful work schedules.


12 Years A Slave Leads – ’12 Years a Slave’ is leading the pack in independent film Spirit Awards nominations with a total of 7. The film is up for best feature, best director, best actor (Chiwetel Ejiofer), best supporting actress (Lupita Nyong’o), best supporting actor (Michael Fassbender), best screenplay (John Ridley) and best cinematography (Sean Bobbitt). Nominees are determined by experts in the field. The Spirit Awards focus on ‘artist driven film making’ and look to recognize the best independent films/ makers. The ceremony will take place on March 1st and will air on IFC that same night .


Obama Interrupted – Obama was in San Francisco speaking on immigration when a man started yelling at him saying “stop deportation.” He then stopped them from being thrown out and said this.


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