#SayWhatNews Rob Ford’s TV Show Gets Cancelled – Sexiest Man Alive Is .. – Obeezy Has Swag! – More Typhoon Help – Cocaine GOP Addict

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Rob Ford’s Show Cancelled – Rob Ford, thanks to his diry mouth and liking for cocaine and alcohol, has been stripped of many of his mayoral responsibilities and now has had his TV show taken away from him as well. Last week it was announced that Rob Ford and his brother Doug would be starring in their own reality show on Canada’s Sun News Network. Well after the first episode premiered on Monday, the network decided to cancel the show despite the high ratings it brought with it. According to reports “Monday’s episode took five hours to record, and another eight hours to edit, making it an unusually expensive endeavour for a niche network that is in only about 40 per cent of Canadian households.” Shade On Rob Ford. Seems to me he was made for reality tv. He fits the criteria. He’s a hot mess!


2013’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Is.. – People Magazine has made their decision and 2013’s sexiest man is Maroon 5 member and ‘The Voice’ coach, Adam Levine. During his interview with the magazine Levine talks about his love of movies, his Victoria Secret model fiancé, marriage and more. About the honor he said “As a musician, you have fantasies that you want to win Grammys, but I didn’t really think that this was on the table. I was just amazed and stunned and it almost seemed like they were kidding, but they weren’t, so that’s cool.” Other men on the list include Idris Elba (#2), Bruno Mars (#5) , Justin Timberlake (#7) and Pharrell (#9). You can see the full list in People Magazine tomorrow.


First Lady Says Obeezy Has Swag – During a recent trip to New York, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by 106 & Park. During her chat with Bow Wow and Keshia she talked about being the “fashionable” first lady. She sited shorts as being her fashion faux pas and how she wears capris, skirts or dressers in hot climates to get around the criticism she’s received in the past. In speaking about her husband and the artistic balance of the family, Mrs. Obama said that she’s the dancer of the family while he can definitely hold a tune. She said, “He sings all the time. Oh, yes, he’s in the bathroom all the time just singing. He is always willing to sing. He’s like, “You want me to sing now, want me to sing something for you? Without a doubt. He can sing. I can dance. I think that divides the talent evenly across the family tree. We’re all satisfied.” She went on to say how President Obama has swag, “I always say my husband has got swag. He’s got a little swag.”

NJ Giving Back To Typhoon – Many are doing what they can to help with the Typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines and Worldwater & Solar Technologies out of South Jersey is no different. The company is providing 800 pound solar powered water purifier to the area. The purifiers are able to take large amounts of contaminated water and purify it quickly so that survivors have clean water to drink. The CEO of the company said “We will take the ugliest water you can imagine, whether it’s totally polluted or polluted plus sea water with salt, when it comes out in two minutes it’s absolutely drinkable.” The units cost about $89K each but can provide enough water for up to 6000 people a day. The company is doing its best to get the machines shipped over in a timely fashion and are taking pride in their efforts to save countless lives.


Another Cocaine Addict Running In Government  Republican House Of Representatives member Trey Radel out of Florida pled guilty to cocaine possession charges in court. As a result he was sentenced to one year of supervised probation. He admitted purchasing the 3.5 grams and said “I’ve hit a bottom where I realize I need help. And I have aggressively pursued that help.” He plans on paying the $250 fine and entering a drug rehab program. He told the judge that he hopes to emerge from this situation “stronger” and still wants to serve the country. Radel bought the drugs from an undercover police officer last month and after being caught invited the agents back to his apartment where he turned over more drugs. The bust is pretty awkward considering his support in Congress of mandatory minimum drug sentencing.


Richie Incognito In News Again – Richie Incognito can’t seem to stay out of the limelight these days. According to new reports Incognito and another Dolphin’s player were heard mocking the wife of a team staff member. They allegedly made disrespectful comments about her culture and insinuated that she had sexual relationships with other players on the team. This all comes after Incognito was extensively interviewed by an NFL commission regarding the racial insensitivity allegations brought against him in regards to Jonathan Martin. The Dolphins have not yet commented on the new accusations, but the NFL is interviewing everyone to get to this bottom of everything surrounding Richie Incognito


A Win For The Gays! – Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation yesterday legalizing gay marriage, making it the 16th state to allow the same-sex unions. This comes after Hawaii just last week became the 15th. Illinois’ new law will get into effect on June 1st, when gay couples will be able to begin applying for marriage licenses.


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