#SayWhatNews – Tsunami Tears Through Phillippines – Incognitos 1st Interview – Another Hazing Video – Bynum Gets Booed – Christie Denies President Candidacy

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Happy Veteran’s Day ! And Happy Birthday to Trey Smith, son of Will Smith and stepson ofJada Pinkett Smith, 21. U-God, member of Wu-Tang Clan, 43.  Shouts to my guy Raekwon. Wu Tang just celebrated the 20th anniversary of releasing “36 Chambers” over the weekend.


Haiyan Tears Through The Philippines – A tsunamis named Haiyan ripped through the Philippines on Friday night and they are calling it one of the worst tsunamis ever recorded. 170 mph winds and 20 feet waves ravaged the city, flattening homes and tossing cars and even ships through the air. Some 10,000 people are feared dead in the Philippines despite the fact that the government evacuated 800,000 people before the storm hit. After hitting the Philippines it moved toward Vietnam where 600,000 people were evacuated. Winds were around 85mph in Vietnam and 6 people have been reported dead. Eyewitnesses from the Philippines reported seeing dead bodies lying along the road covered in debris and rotting. The United Nations has started sending relief but efforts are slow because many areas are still cut off. People have resorted to looting stores and grocery malls and more than 200 police officers have been sent into the most devastated city to restore some type of order. Obama made remarks extending his condolences and saying, “The United States is already providing significant humanitarian assistance, and we stand ready to further assist the Government’s relief and recovery efforts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the millions of people affected by this devastating storm.”


Chris Christie Dismisses Presidential Run – There has been much speculation about whether newly re-elected Governor Chris Christie would be considering running as a candidate for the 2016 presidential election. During an interview with Fox- Christie shut down those rumors by saying that for not he’s focused on being the governor of New Jersey. He said, “What I’m interested in doing is being the governor of New Jersey the fact is we’ve got a lot of things to do, a lot of things to focus on, and I know everybody’s going to be speculating on what may come on my future and lots of other people’s future in our party, But the fact is: I’m focused on being the governor of New Jersey and being the chairman of the Republican Governors Association.. I think those two jobs will keep me pretty busy over the next year.”


Miss Universe Crowned – 25 year old Venezuelan, TV star and accomplished flamenco dancer, Gabriela Isler was crowned the new Miss Universe during the ceremony on Saturday night in Moscow. The panel of judges was lead by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and of course Donald Trump was present for the crowning. Venezuela’s president congratulated Isler via Twitter. Venezuela has won more international beauty pageants than any other country. Isler spoke about the win saying “I have a lot of emotions. I can’t describe all the things that I feel at this moment because I’m shaking. I’m still in shock. I feel so blessed, so happy to be here.”

Miss Universe


Bynum Returns To Philly And Gets Rude Welcome – After making $16.9 million and not playing a single game last season thanks to a knee injury from bowling- Andrew Bynum returned the Sixers over the weekend and received a less than warm welcome from fans. When he hit the court the crowd started booing and chanting “Bynum Sucks” and “Let’s go bowling”. The Sixers ultimately won the game with Bynum contributing four points, five rebounds, one steal, one assist and one blocked shot. About the heckling from the fans Bynum said he’s not bothered by it and “It’s kind of funny . . . I was cracking up. I don’t know what more I can say. I felt it was kind of weak actually. I thought it was going to be much worse.”


Richie Incognito Gives First Interview – For a little over a week, Richie Incognito has been in the spotlight because of text messages, voicemails and even video that depict him as being racist and a hazer towards his former Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin. Martin’s lawyer has further accused Incognito of physical hazing in a recent statement saying Martin “endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate, and daily vulgar comments. The facts are not in dispute.” In his first interview since the story broke, Incognito sat down with Fox Sports to share his side of the story. Incognito said that the media’s presentation of his and Martin’s relationship is fragmented and misleading. Incognito even went so far as to turn over his text message records which show more than 1000 texts between the two and even two very cordial messages from Martin several days after he left the team: “Wassup man? The world’s gone crazy lol I’m good tho congrats on the win” and “Yeah I’m good man. It’s insane bro but just know I don’t blame you guys at all it’s just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little.” During the interview Incognito said that he “had Martin’s back” the most of anyone on the team, that he’s embarrassed by the now public voice messages he left Martin, the culture of the locker room and how “colorful” words are thrown around, how he’s not a racist and more. He basically blame they way he talked to Martin on the culture inside the locker room.


Video Of Anthony Davis Freshman Hazing – Number 1 draft pick of the New Orleans Pelicans last year, Anthony Davis, was victim to locker room hazing similar to what is being reported in the Incognito/ Martin case in Miami. A Vine video surfaced of Davis, while still at the University of Kentucky, being held on the ground facedown, naked and smacked across his butt. Davis can be seen smiling at the camera and joking.


Man Buried Alive – According to Brazilian reports a woman who was visiting a family grave heard strange noises, saw some dirt moving and then witnessed something she didn’t believe. She saw a man digging himself from up out of a grave! She told reporters “I was terrified to see a man who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave,” she called authorities who came to free the man who had already managed to get his head and arms unearthed. At this point its not clear how the man came to be buried alive but it’s believed he got into a fight and was beaten up pretty badly then buried by his attackers. His current condition is unknown but he was taken to a local hospital for treatment and once he’s recovered a bit he’ll undergo some psychological testing.


NJ Couple Fight Over Powerball

Pedro Quezada singlehandedly won a $338 million Powerball and now his ex girlfriend has taken him to court over the winnings. Quezada walked away with about $152 million after taxes and Ines Sanchez is trying to get in on some of that cash. His lawyer argues that Sanchez has no grounds and no claims to the money whatsoever. Sanchez’s lawyers argue that the two lived together for 10 years, have a child and that Quezada bought he money based on the two’s shared earnings. The judge in the case said that the courts have no legal backing to restrain Quezada’s assets. But Quezada claims that much of the money is already gone-  $57 million has been sent to the Dominican Republic, $5 million was given away, $300,000 was spent on a home in Clifton, and $20 million can’t be located.


UCLA Students Speak On Diversity – Students at UCLA are speaking out about the lack of diversity at their school. In a video titled “The Black Bruins” a group of students used spoken word format to share some startling statistics about their schools makeup especially when it comes to African American males. The video was led by Sy Stokes who admitted that he almost left the school because of the lack of diversity and said that they  “had to do something to put [their] issues on the map.” In the emotionally charged video Stokes calls out the University, the Dean of the School of Management for spending $640K on first class flights and hotels while African America student are dropping out because of lack of financial aid. He also says UCLA has more championships than black male freshman, and questions why he should be proud. The vice chancellor of the school responded to the video by saying “We certainly recognize that the low numbers of African Americans and other underrepresented students on campus does lead to a sense of isolation and invisibility. It is difficult to eliminate this painful imbalance without considering race in the admissions process.”


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