#SayWhatNews – Twitter Stocks Open – Racist Home Depot Tweet – Starbucks Hiring Veterans – Men Love Britney Spears – A Homewrecker Site?

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Twitter Sets IPO Price – Now IPO means “Initial Public Offering” so now twitter stocks is open to the public. Twitter set an initial public offering price of $26 for its stock yesterday meaning shares are were trading on the New York Stock Exchange.That price put Twitter’s value at more than $18 billion when they began selling stock. They had a huge opening day yesterday. The stock closed up 70% yesterday and ended at 44.90 per stock at closing of the day. Co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams are the company’s largest share holders. Now its worth is 31 billion. That’s 13 billion more than the night before. Twitter owns Vine, Facebook owns Instagram, Yahoo owns Tumblr, and Google owns Google Plus


Home Depot Tweet – Home Depot upset people when they sent a tweet that said, “Which drummer is not the others?” with a picture attached. The picture showed 2 black men sitting on orange buckets and in the middle of them a monkey. They immediately took it down and apologized. Home depot tweeted, “We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive. Deeply sorry. We terminated agency and individual who posted it.” Check out the tweet HERE


Starbucks Looking To Hire 10,000 Veterans – Starbucks announced that it would commit to hiring at least 10,000 veterans and spouses of active military members over five years. Starbucks said it will have specialized recruiters to match the skills of veterans and their spouses with jobs, with chief executive Howard Schultz telling Reuters, “This is not only about hiring baristas.”Schultz said Starbucks is looking for people with experience in a range of areas, including things like leading teams, and building and managing complex global supply chains.

Men Searching For Britney Spears More Than Women? – Are you a big Britney Spears fan? The pop singer’s latest single “Perfume” was released earlier this week, and it turns out men are searching for the new song online more often than women. Yahoo! reports that searches for the term “Britney Spears” spiked nearly two-thousand percent over a 24-hour period, and that 86-percent of those searches came from men. The new song is a ballad about suspecting a lover of cheating. Yahoo! reports that the top Britney-loving cities, based on their searches, are: Rapid City, S.D.; Marquette, Mich.; and Harrisburg, Pa.


Martin’s Attorney Speaks Out – David Cornwell, the new attorney for Jonathan Martin (the guy on the Miami Dophins that says his fellow teammate named Rickie Incognito bullied him and called him the n word), said in a statement last night that the Miami Dolphins player was subjected to harassment by teammates that went far beyond the usual hazing, including a physical attack, daily vulgar comments, and a vulgar threat against Martin’s sister. The statement said, “For the entire season and a half that he was with the Dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. This is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying. Despite these efforts, the taunting continued.” As I told you guys the NFL is investigating.


FDA Banning Trans Fats – Food manufacturers have already gotten rid of a lot of trans fats in their food in response to medical concerns and local laws banning them, and the Food and Drug Administration is now acting to eliminate them altogether. The FDA said yesterday that it will require the food industry to phase out trans fats. The FDA said eliminating trans fats could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths each year. Trans fats, which are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid, can raise levels of “bad” cholesterol and considered the worse kind of fat for the heart.


She’s a Home Wrecker.com – Yup the home-wreckers are being exposed in this website. The site encourages wives and girlfriends to “expose” the women their partners cheated with. They post the “homewrecker’s” full name, location, pic, and in some cases, even their phone numbers and addresses. The about section reads, “They say if you can’t beat them join them, but we say if you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them.” I just went to it and its currently down, but when it gets back up it’s about to be a problem. The site has 251,000 facebook fans.


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