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Zimmerman Drops Public Defender And Hires Lawyer – Yesterday it was confirmed that George Zimmerman has traded his public attorney in for a private lawyer. The private lawyer, Jayne Weintraub, will take over in defending him from the domestic violence charges against him due to an altercation between him and his girlfriend.In addition to making the legal representation changes Zimmerman has also asked the courts to return several of the items seized during the investigation saying that they have nothing to do with the pending charges. The items include: An Apple iPhone, a Blackberry cell phone, a small hand-held flashlight and a pocket knife. Zimmerman has entered a not-guilty plea and is facing several charges including aggravated assault with a weapon.


For Fried Chix Lovers – Last Friday Kentucky Fried Chicken scented candles went on sale via the internet and sold out in less than a minute. The candles are made by a company called ‘Kentucky For Kentucky’ and a representative for the group said, “Your home can now smell like fried chicken all the time, without having to actually fry chicken.” Nice. The candles are made by frying chicken in soy wax before “secret family ingredients” are added to give it the authentic smell. If you missed out on the first batch, pre-orders were taken for today’s new shipment but there are only 100 available. They’ll set you back $22 .


Kobe Takes Pay Cut And Is Still Highest Paid Player – Kobe Bryant will be with the Lakers for two more years but the 35 year old was issued a pay cut. He’ll be making $23.5 million in  the 14-15 season and $25 million in the 15-16 season,  which a total of 48.5 million. That is 19 million less than his last contract to stay with the team. He had to take the pay cut due to NBA contract rules. Since he’s been the team for 20 seasons he got old school max contract terms in his contract.Despite the cut he’s still the highest paid player in the NBA. If Kobe fulfills his contract, he’ll break John Stockton’s record of 19 seasons with one NBA franchise, in his case, the Utah Jazz.


Nutter Speaks On Knockout – The recent ‘knock out game’ injuries and incidents throughout Philadelphia have sparked so much controversy that mayor Nutter conducted an entire press conference about the issue. He said, “First and foremost this is disgusting and inexcusable behavior. It’s not a game. You can seriously injure or possibly even kill someone with this kind of activity… It’s a very serious crime to assault someone. The Philadelphia Police Department and District Attorney will treat it as such.” He went on to say that any perpetrators caught will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. There are at least 6 reported cases in Philly and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey spoke during the conference to the work that’s being put in to distinguish random assault cases from ‘knock out game’ cases. Nutter and Ramsey urge parents to talk to their kids about the danger of the game and ask people to stay alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.


Conrad Speaks On MJ – Conrad Murray was released from jail about 3 weeks ago after serving 2 years of his 4 year sentence for his role in the death of Michael Jackson. He’s been pretty low key but surfaced yesterday for his first interview since his release. He said that MJ obtained the drugs that killed him from a doctor in Germany and he only administered them to him to wean him off of them. He also said that Jackson got other drugs from other sources and administered them to himself, He sad “hey found tablets in his stomach. I didn’t give him those. Michael took extra tablets. And he injected himself. I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of propofol and injected himself. He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest.” Conrad described how close he and Michael were, “We were family. We loved each other as brothers. I never gave Michael anything that would kill him. I loved him. I still do. I always will.” He said, “I held his penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night.” Conrad continues to deny that he was in any way involved with the King of Pop’s death saying that he was a drug addict and, “Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson.”  I mean the man is dead. Does he really need to do press?


2 Killed During Dance – A wedding in Yemen turned deadly when Psy’s ‘Gangam Style’ got the party a little too turned up. According to reports, a man who was toting an AK-47 rifle accidentally discharged celebratory shots from his weapon into a crowd of guests when he started dancing to the hit. Video from the wedding shows people dancing, gunshots are heard and then 3 people lying bloodied on the ground. Two people died from their injures while two others were treated at local hospitals. Apparently, gunfire is not an uncommon form of celebration at Yemen weddings.

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