LMAO: Sharkeisha Invades The Internet

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The internet went wild recently with a video that went viral showing a teenage girl- named Sharkeisha- mercilessly punching and kicking her former friend, Sha’Michael Manuel, over a boy.  Yes Sharkeisha and Sha’Michael.. you already know this is going to be bad.  In the video Sharkeisha claims her ex friend tried to sleep with her boyfriend.  The victim and her mother, Olevia Henderson, sat down for an interview to describe how the video has drastically changed their lives. WTH Worldstar stars are doing interviews now? The mom said, “The video’s just going and going. They’re making jokes, and they’re taunting. They’re glorifying the girl [Sharkeisha], but they’re taunting my daughter at the same time.” She went on to describe how she was in the grocery store and heard several clerks joking and laughing about the video. Sha’Michael has healed from the bloody lip and black eye she received as a result of the fight and has pressed charges against Sharkeisha. Sha’Michael described how she’ll have to deal with this for the rest of her life and asks those who think it’s funny how they would feel if it were them. The fight itself is not funny, however what happened on the internet after was. Memes immediately popped up left and right. The internets even made this into a noun “Imma sharkeisha you.” Good lord! Sha’Michael injuries kept her from attending school and she is planing legal action, but that didn’t stop the internets from have a little fun with this ratchet situation.  Reports says Sharkeisha has been detained in this matter (there are pictures of her mug shot on the internet) and according to her twitter account a part 2 is coming. Sharkeisha you better be easy! This is an assault charge (with video evidence) after all.

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