LOL: Sharkeisha Arrested

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We’ll we knew this was coming! According to reports Texas authorities have arrested the infamous Sharkeisha for the assault on 17 year old ShaMichael Manuel that was caught on video and went viral. She has allegedly been charged with a misdemeanor and is being held in a juvenile detention center. The victims mother said, “I am thankful to everyone for prayers and phone calls I hope the charge might be upgraded to a felony. I pray for her mom as well as the child [Sharkeisha] herself. Glory to God because I know he has given my baby a story to tell about bullying.” Mug shots of Sharkeisha were already in teh internet, but authorities can not legally release her name because she is a minor.  Another teen involved may be arrested for luring Manuel to the scene of the fight.  This whole situation is amusing (the internets reaction to this to be clear), but at the end of the day. If you assault someone you go to jail. Plain and simple.




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