News: Amazon Not Selling Physical Copies of ‘Beyonce’

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Looks like some retailers are really in their feelings about Beyonce deciding to drop her latest album ‘Beyonce‘ via iTunes first. Amazon has joined Target in it’s decision to not carry physical copies of the visual album. Target announced last week that it would not be supporting the album because of the effect on sales due to its primary digital release. Amazon will however, carry digital versions in its store but has not given the album any prime real estate on the site- anyone looking to buy the mp3 has to search for it…Shade. What’s silly about this is Target’s decision not to sell has only increased Walmart’s business- special shout out to Bey for her surprise appearance– and according to reports Sony and Columbia still shipped out 500K physical copies. (Let’s note that this is in addition to the digital copies sold during the original release so…) Beyonce is still winning and while the industry is all in cahoots over her brilliance and marketing (or lack there of) she’s probably on a private island somewhere building sand castles with Blue Ivy.



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