News: Beyonce Projected To Bring In Huge First Week Numbers – Parents Are Upset

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Beyonce is winning! She literally shocked the world when she dropped an entire visual album complete with 14 tracks and 17 music videos without any marketing, promotion or so much as a whisper about it. Those confidentiality clauses must have been sealed tight! Only a select few people at her label even knew about the release. Within 3 hours of the project going live on iTunes Friday night 80K copies had been sold. That number soared to 430K in the first day and it’s expected to sell more than 600K copies by the end of the sale week. Once it passes the 600K mark it will have beaten her previous record holder B’day which sold 541K units its first week. Bey spoke about why she decided to release everything at once saying, “Now people only listen to a few seconds of a song on the iPods and they don’t really invest in the whole experience. It’s all about the single, and the hype. It’s so much that gets between the music and the art and the fans. I felt like, I don’t want anybody to get the message, when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.”

Meanwhile, Parents are upset at how sexual Beyonce’s video are. Some social networking sites have called Bey “vile” and “disgusting” for some of her visuals, including the videos for songs like , “Blow” and “Drunk in Love,” which will ironically be her next singles for pop and urban respectively.  Some users even questioned if she is a fit role model to her younger fans. Do you think these images are okay for a mother and wife?

Beyonce addresses this topic in her song called “Flawless” where she asserts herself as a feminist.   Featuring Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a spoke word breakdown in the middle the song questions the role of women in society and says this,

Here’s King Bey performing her new song “XO,” which will be her top 40 single after “Blow.”

Let me ask you this. How do you think Beyonce got married and had a baby? Being abstinent? We can watch TV shows and about violence and drugs, but the second a married women expresses her sexual thoughts about her husband and the father of her child, she’s not a role model? Seems like people are being a little hypocritical. Acting like they have never done the things Beyonce is singing about. Beyonce is a grown woman! She do whatever she wants!



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