News: Donated Kevin Hart Computers Stolen.. SMH

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kevin hart

This just makes me sad. Back in November Kevin Hart gave back to Philly in a major way by donating more than 500 computers to the schools and recreation centers. Unfortunately people have taken his kindness for granted because the four public computers at the Cobbs Creek Rec Center have been stolen.  The center’s leader said

“They were touch screen, all-in-ones, Sonys. They were great computers… I was hurt because we are bringing in things for the community to bring it up and keep it on par with the rest of the city and something like this happened, so I was hurt.” The Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation said that the night the computers were stolen there were no signs of forced entry. He reported, “We have four people who work here who have keys, we have a PAL cop who has keys, we have maintenance people, crews who come out to clean the facility in the early morning hours who have keys.”

The center does not have surveillance video so police are asking the community to keep their eyes and ears open and report any information they have on the case.  This is disgraceful and clearly an inside job.  Kevin is trying to uplift his community by giving them opportunities and people are out here just being selfish. Sad.

Source 6ABC



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