News: Obama Comments On Kanye’s Music & Beyonce As A Role Model

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During an end of the year interview with People Magazine President Obama spoke on some of 2013’s biggest celebrities. When asked whether he’d rather spend a day with the Duck Dynasty Clan or the Kardashians, he eloquently talked his way out of picking a side and said:

The Duck Dynasty family seems like a pretty fun bunch, so I can see how that would be pretty fun. Kanye’s music is outstanding, though. I’ve got a lot of his stuff on my iPad. If it was a concert, then I might not mind listening to him.

The Duck Dynasty comments were made before Phil Robertson was indefinitely suspended from A&E for the racially insensitive and homophobic comments he made during a recent interview.

Obama and the FLOTUS also talked about who their daughters Sasha and Malia are looking up to these days. Mrs. Obama said

They love Jay Z. They love Beyoncé. Sasha is still a One Direction fan, although I think Malia has become a little less into boy bands. But I don’t think they view these folks as role models. They’re not looking to them to define their character. I think they look to us for that still.

Obama agreed and added:

They’ve gotten to know Beyoncé, and she has always been very sweet to them. So they’re people that they think highly of. But I agree that if you’re talking about their values or career ideas, I think their mom has a little more influence over that than anybody else.

Being besties with Beyonce and having Michelle Obama as a mom- those girls are winning!



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