News: ‘Save Lil Terio’ Petition Circulating

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Terio caught the eyes of many when he became ‘Vine Famous’ for his ‘Ooh Kill Em’ dances. Well some of his fans are stepping up to ‘save’ Terio. There is a petition on titled ‘Save Lil Terio’. The caption reads “There is a growing concern about Terio’s health and he needs help losing weight. We want to get as many signatures as possible to draw enough attention.” The petitioner hopes to reach 1000 signatures and so far has 29. One commentor on the site said “Parents please don’t take the cheap way out on child nutrition. The Dollar Menu is not the way to feed your child. Cook at home!!”

To add your name to the petition click here. 

If you ask us maybe the petition should be for this 6 year old boy to get his ass to school! He stay at all the concerts, all the sports games courtside, hanging out with all the celebrities. How about he goes to school! DeSean Jackson from the Eagles says this is this cousin! DeSean get your cousin!!!



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