News: TIME Names Questlove ‘Coolest Person Of 2013’

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Time Magazine has been announcing their ‘people of the year’. Pope Francis took away the main title of ‘Person of the Year’ while The Roots’ drummer Questlove has taken the title of the ‘Coolest Person of 2013’. Other people in the running included Bruno Mars, Rob Ford and Pharrell Williams but they ultimately decided on Questlove because

We needed someone who was classically cool. A person in a hip-hop band, a music producer, a DJ. A man who has his own line of Nike sneakers and owns a hoodie shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A guy who has lived in Europe and loves art-house movies. A person who goes by many names, several of which have a question mark in them. We were so traditional in our choice that the 2013 Coolest Person of the Year has the most clichéd cool job in the world: he’s a drummer.

Also earning him his title were the two books he wrote this year, his composition of music for Comedy Central, his alternative musicians website, his DJing at a bowling alley every weekend, the fact that he’s the lead drummer for The Tonight Show and his DJing of 13 weddings this year including his runner up’s- Pharrell.

Upon learning of his honor Questlove said

Does it speak volumes that my first response is the high school nerd in me being afraid of if I’ll get any backlash from Kanye for getting this accolade?



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