#SayWhatNews – Fast Food Strikes – Obamas Limit Daughters Facebook – New HIV Strain – Fast & Furious Postponed – Katherine Jackson Still Suing

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Happy birthday Jay Z who is 44 today and Tyra Banks who is 40.


Baracks Won’t Let Sasha On Facebook- President Obama and first lady Michelle sat down with Barbara Walters on 20/20 for an interview where they discussed many things including their daughters’ access to Facbeook. They revealed that oldest daughter, 15 year old Malia, has limited access to the social media site and is in fact allowed to date. They didn’t reveal whether there’s anyone serious in her life.But 12 year old Sasha is not allowed to be on facebook. Mrs. Obama said, “I still am not a big believer in Facebook for young people … particularly for them, because they’re in the public eye. Some of it’s stuff they don’t need to see and be a part of … So we try to protect them from too much of the public voice.”


Food Strikes – About a year ago 58 cities saw their first major fast food strikes and on Thursday the movement will be refueling on a much larger scale.The Service Employees International Union is organizing the strikes with the goal of getting workers in fast food restaurants a $15 an hour wage and union access without threats/ retaliation.The strikes will take place in 100 cities across the United States and 100 more cities worldwide.The National Restaurant Association has responded to the strikes by arguing that raising the wage of restaurant workers to $15 (more than 2 times the national minimum wage rate) would decrease hiring dramatically.


New Strain Of HIV – Swedish scientists have discovered a new strain of HIV- titled A3/02- which they believe, is a combination of two other strands and that progresses much faster than most previous variations of the virus. The researchers say that the strain evolves from HIV to full blown AIDS in about 5 years, which is almost 2.5 years faster than other strains. So far the strain seems to be confined in West Africa but scientists are worried about recombinants showing up all around the world, spreading and developing even further.


Fast and Furious Filming Halted –The death of actor Paul Walker has put a halt on the production of the 7th installment in the Fast and Furious series. The movie studio behind the film has decided to stop work while the investigation is underway. Dental records have been provided by both families and autopsies are underway to determine who was in fact driving the vehicle at the time of the crash.  They are also still trying to determine what caused the crash – speeding or a fluid leak. Now they gotta decide how to proceed with the scenes he’s already shot and how to modify the movie. The movie was set to hit theaters in July 11th but Universal has not yet revealed how they plan to change that release schedule or how they will handle Walkers unfinished performance. In other related Wheel Of Fortune Episode that has ‘Fast And Furious’ as answer and people were upset.


MCW’s Fund – Cuse guy and Sixers rookie Michael Carter Williams will not be one of those new NBA players who blows through his money and ends up broke. Carter-Williams mother has made sure of this by putting the $4.5 million he is guaranteed through his new contract with the Sixers into a trust fund that he cannot touch for the next three years. That value could be as much as $10 million if the team decides to follow through with the last two seasons of the contract. While his money is locked away Williams will be living off of Nike and Panini trading cards endorsement deals.  Smart guy. That’s that cuse education.


Katherine Jackson Is Not Done – She is planning on another lawsuit against AEG. This is all still related to Michael Jacksons 2009 death where Katherine says they should have investigated Conrad Murray before allowing him to give MJ drugs.  Her lawyer said there was jury misconduct and there is new evidence in this case.


Penis Size By State  – Condom seller Condomania ranked all 50 states based on the average size of the condoms bought in the state. #1 state North Dakota, #2 Phone Island, #South Dakota! What?  New York is #9, New Jersey #14, Pennsylvania #20, Delaware #34 .. Damn!


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