#SayWhatNews – Nelson Mandela Honored – Man Weaves – Knockout Game Hoax – Man Weaves – Krockadil Strikes Again

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Nelson Mandela Memorial – Yesterday at FNB stadium thousands of people gathered for the memorial service in recognition of Nelson Mandela. Among those there where foreign dignitaries, heads of states, US President Barack Obama and past presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Eulogies for Mandela were given by Obama, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao and Cuban President Raul Castro. The Presidents of Brazil, Namibia and India made speeches while South African President Jacob Zuma gave the keynote address.Mandela’s grandchildren also made reflective statements. South Africans broke out in song and dance in the stadium and people there say their was an immense sense of pride that could be felt for this human rights icon.

Fake Knockout Victim – Back in November a picture was posted of a 23 year old St. Louis woman who was allegedly a victim of the ‘knock out game’. The woman was photographed with several injuries including a black eye and the caption read, “Ashley Depew, is the younger sister who I taught at my dance studio. She was a victim of the “one Punch Knockdown” a game that teenagers are now doing, this was done in STL a couple nights ago. Please Pray for a quick recovery as she is going under reconstruction surgery. These groups of teenagers will punch out anybody, then scatter to run. please don’t be a victim and always be aware of your surroundings!” The story was picked up by news outlets but the woman did not want to be identified on camera. She said that she was at a bar to pick up a drunk friend when she was randomly punched in the face by a stranger.Turns out that the “victim” was lying and was covering up for her boyfriend who had assaulted her during an argument.

New Trend: Man Weaves – Weaves are popular among ladies but a new trend suggest that men may be getting them too! Men are now using weaves to cover up their bald spots.Pictures are all over social media that show men with improved looks to fix every thing from bald spots, receding hairlines and thin dreadlocks with weave.

Man Faces 140 Charged After Posting To Instagram – A man from Florida was on ‘Instagram straight flexin’’ and now he’s facing more than 142 criminal charges. The man was arrested in connection to a series of robberies that took place at senior community homes. Police got a warrant to search his house after he posted pictures of him posing with a gun. During the search, officials found large amounts of jewelry and more than $250K in stolen goods. His formal charges include possession of weapons/ammunition by a convicted felon. He is suspected of breaking into more than 55 homes in the area.

Teen Injects Krokodil Into Genitals – Krokodil is a drug that’s been gaining popularity across the United States and Canada but it is known for rotting the skin of its users. Doctors in Mexico believe they have a patient who may have injected the drug into her genitals. They say the 17 year old came in with what they originally thought was a sexually transmitted disease until she told them that she had been using the drug for several months. Krokodil is a chearp form of heroin that is mixed with “ crushed codeine pills, gasoline, cooking oil, iodine, paint thinner, lighter fluid and other toxic ingredients.”

Accused Headphones Murderers Mother Says He’s Innocent – The mother of the 19 year old who was accused of shooting a man for his Beats headphones says that there is no way her son can be guilty. During an interview she said “I know for a fact my son was home and they’re accusing him of murdering this boy that he don’t even know.” According to police 19 year old Arkel Garcia approached Christian Massey on November 30th and demanded his headphones. When Massey tried to run, Garcia allegedly opened fire- killing him. Garcia’s mother said that her son was at home watching movies at the time of the murder. She explained, “I told him about the murder, because I seen it on the news that morning. He said ‘I don’t know.’ He was like ‘I was here…It’s at the corner of my block. There’s no way he did that. I searched his room, there are no weapons in his room.” Garcia’s older brother said that he talked to him the night of the murder and that nothing “seemed out of the ordinary”. Garcia was arrested a week after the murder and has a criminal past. His mother says that he’s been working hard to stay out of trouble- only going to school and his court ordered drug treatment program.

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