#SayWhatNews New PA Child Abuse Laws – Twitter Edit Changes – Rob Ford Dancing To Bob Marley – Student Suspended For Hug

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Corbett Inks Child Abuse Law – Pennsylvania enacted its new child abuse laws in the Pennsylvania Legislature’s yesterday since Jerry Sandusky and Roman Catholic clergy child sexual abuse scandals. These new laws are going to give communities more tools to protect children. They updated the nearly 20-year-old state laws on how cases of suspected child abuse are defined, investigated and punished. One of the new laws expands the definition of who investigators can consider a potential perpetrator of child abuse. Another lowers the threshold for the kind of injury or pain that is considered child abuse. There are about 20 laws.


Twitter Working On Some Changes – If you make a typo on twitter you may soon be able to fix it. Sources say Twitter is planning to add an “edit tweet” button in the near future. Twitter employees say the edit button will only be available for a limited time after a post has been submitted, and that users are limited to one edit per tweet. All changes will be shown in any retweets made via the “retweet” button. Twitter will supposedly only allow small changes, and an algorithm is reportedly being developed that will prevent users from completely changing the whole tweet.


Rob Ford Dances To Reggae At Meeting – There is video of crackhead Toronto mayor Rob Ford dancing during an official meeting.  He is getting down to Bob Marley’s “One Love.”  He is the only one dancing and other people are just watching.


Tits For Pits Fundraiser – In Baltimore, a pittbull rescue held their annual fundraiser at a strip club.  That sounds amazing! There’s a $20 cover charge, three-quarters of which goes to help pit bulls who have been pulled from dog fighting rings. It’s very creative. I like it! Strip Clubs and Pitbulls.


Student Suspended For Hug Files Appeal – The family of a Georgia student suspended for the rest of the school year for hugging a teacher has filed an appeal with the school board. Sam McNair, a 17-year-old high school senior in Georgia, was suspended for sexual harassment. He hugged a teacher and the surveillance video shows the teacher pushing him away after the hug. The student said in an interview he has hugged the teacher before and everything was cool. He said he has hugged her “Four or five times” and that he “I hug all my teachers. It’s to show appreciation for what they do for me.” He denied that the teacher had told him before to not hug her again. He also said that his lips and cheeks definitely didn’t touched the teacher’s neck, as is alleged in a discipline report.


Obama Talks About The 3 Opinionated, Strong Tall Women In His Life

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