#SayWhatNews – Suge Knight Speaks ON The N Word – TMZ Asks About The N Word – White House Card Revealed – MJ House Not Selling

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Happy birthday to DMX who is 43 today. 1 week until Christmas!


Suge Knight Prefers To Be Called N Word – When asked if he ever gives people a pass to say the N-word Suge Knight (who was the CEO of Death Row – label Dr. Dre, 2 Pac etc etc used to be signed to) said, “It depends on how you sayin that sh**…When you look at it a lot of people using the n-word are usin’ it in a situation when they’re scared to say something about it.” He went on to say that he likes the n-word better than the term ‘African American’. Knight explained, “We’re not from African, we’re black…even Africans don’t call each other Africans.” He said that if you’re going to be one way about the n-word you have to be like that all the time and not pick and choose when you don’t like the word to be used. When responding to whether Eminem should use the word he said “everyone says something here and there.”


TMZ Asks Readers To Vote On Whether To Use ‘African American’ Or ‘Ni**a’ – After talking to Suge Knight about his thoughts on the use of the n-word TMZ decided to poll it’s readers on what they thought. They posted a question on their website that said “Refer to black people as:” with two boxes that said ‘African Americans’ or ‘Niggas’. Twitter understandably went off. Some people posted “@TMZ should be ASHAMED for posting a poll asking if the Black community should be referred to a “African Americans” or “N*ggas” ….wow” “@tmz Really? You have a poll online asking if black people should be called Ni@@a or African American?” Despite the backlash the poll is still up and has about 76K votes with 55% voting for n***a and 45% voting for African American.


Fake Mandela Interpreter Was Part Of Mob? – If it’s not bad enough that the fraud of a sign language interpreter was selected for Mandela’s memorial service early last week- now news sources are saying that this same guy was involved in a mob attack. A cousin and three friends say that he was involved in a attack where 2 men who were accused of stealing a television were killed after fire was set to tires placed around their necks. The signer was never went to trial for the crime along with the other suspects because the judge determined he wasn’t mentally fit. He responded to the accusations during an interview on Sunday where he said, “It was a community thing, what you call mob justice, and I was also there.” Instead of standing trial he went to an institution for more than a year. He said that he has had a history of violence but won’t elaborate on the matter.


Florida High School Named After KKK Leader To Change Name  – A high school in Jacksonville, Florida named after an early Ku Klux Klan leader is finally changing after the school board voted unanimously Monday to call it something else. It was named Nathan B. Forrest and mostly black kids go to the school. The students are deciding what to change the high schools name to.


White House Cards Revealed – It’s a pop up card. Wow Fancy! It’s cute White House Pops up and the cutest thing is the card doesn’t have a picture of Obama, his wife and kids. It simply shows both of their dogs, the Portuguese waterdogs they own named Sunny and Bo, in  front of the white house.  I love these white house dogs! They are the cutest the card is signed by everyone in the Obama family complete with doggy prints and all.  Check out the card below.

White House Christmas Card


Poverty Up In Lower Northeast, Down In S. Philly – According to census data, poverty has increased 62 percent in the communities of Lower Northeast Philadelphia since 1999. However it declined 13% in South Philly.


Michael Jordan House Not Selling – Michael Jordan’s Highland Park, Ill mansion that was put up for auction last year has not had any takers. The property was initially listed for $29 million and that the price was brought down to $8 million when it didn’t sell. The 7-acre estate and 56,000-square foot mansion has still received no offers despite its nine bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a basketball court, a beauty parlor, a cigar room and ‘gentlemen’s retreat’. Jordan’s rep said that he will decide what to do with the property next.


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