Video: Snoop & Family Visit The White House

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While most of us were at grandma’s house for the holidays the Snoop Dogg clan was in the Nation’s capital kicking it with Obama! Making this visit even better is the fact that a while back Snoop talked about being unable to perform in a lot of settings because of his music:

I’m never able to perform in situations where I’d love to because I don’t have those kinds of songs. My songs are too hard. I know Obama wants me to come to the White House, but what can I perform?

Dreams do come true because Snoop along with his wife and daughter Cori B were invited to the White House for the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors earlier this month. They chatted with Obama and fist-bumped John Kerry. Snoop recorded an iPhone video saying

They done let me up in here, dawg, and I got my wife and my daughter. We at the White House doing it big. Now what?

White House or not, the Dogg was NOT removing those sunglasses. Lol. Check out the video below!



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