Event: Mina SayWhat Attends Elle Varner’s Women In Excellence Dinner

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Bridget Kelly, Mina SayWhat, Elle Varner

Yes this happened! My girl Elle Varner put together this amazing private dinner for powerful, intelligent, driven, beautiful women from all walks of  life.  Designers (Samantha BlackProject RunwaySwiyyah Akhtab, Seville Michelle), Technology gurus (Donnatella Craig) , Event planners (Nema Kamar), Songwriters (Angela Hunte – wrote Empire State Of MindSonyae Elise), Singers (Bridget Kelly), Radio dj’s (myself), Directors (Bernice Wooden), TV journalists (Stephanie Wash), Models (Rayuana Aleyce), Writers, Professional Dancers (Khadija Shari – Rihanna’s dancer ), entrepreneurs and many more were present. It was such an uplifting night to sit there and talk to these remarkable women about our businesses and all the hardships and the triumps we have all experienced.  It was very emotional as we re-counted what makes us all “extra-ordinary” and the rough roads and successes we have all traveled and seen. I saw a piece of me in all those women and we all felt like we are not alone in the battles we fight daily. The inspiration and strength i received that night is priceless. It was great to sit in a room with women and just talk, cry, laugh, eat, smoke huka and drink some AMAZING wine and sangria. Nights like that make it all worth wild. Thank you to Elle for her positivity. From Day 1 I was drawn to her spirit and she has been such a positive influence. I love her for it. We need more poeple like her in the world. Friends like her are one in a million. We all have goals, journey’s and destiny’s to fufill. It’s nice to talk to another woman about it! 🙂

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