LMAO: 12 Year Old Raps For Jay Z – And It Wasn’t Staged!

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Jay Z And 12 Year Old

This is hilarious! This kid was so nervous! While making a stop Sunday night in Greensboro, N.C. with his Magna Carta World Tour, Jay Z allowed a 12 year old boy named Justin come up to do a verse from Clique.  It was super adorable. Some people are saying this was staged. They say it’s kind of ironic that this video surfaces after a report from a brand marketing expert came out last week that claims that young people don’t think Jay is authentic.  The boys mother however is saying this was not staged and it really happened She said the boy is a huge Jay Z fan and they even bought tickets to the show the night before in Charlotte, just so you know its real. 😉 The mother says Justin jumped up with his sign and this time Jigga noticed. Cute. After that Jay probably wants a boy. BTW it’s Blue Ivy’s birthday today!



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