News: Black Ink Crew Star Sues Producers

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Alexandra Estevez

Alexandra Estevez aka Alex, who is on the VH1 show Black Ink, is suing the producers of the show. She says that they roofied her and her friend with the “date rape” drug in order to make them appear more slutty. The episode in question was filmed back in 2012 and was titled “Mixxxy Madness”. During one of the scenes Alex was clearly overly intoxicated and was seen throwing herself at the owner of the tattoo shop. Alex says that she remembers being handed a drink from one of the production staff and doesn’t remember much after that. She also accuses the show of editing the footage to make her look like a slut. She quit the show in June of last year claiming that she felt too “violated”. Alex along with her friend Erika are suing for battery and damages. They’re asking for $1,000,000. If you watch the show, based on the amount of times she appeared on the show after this episode and her role on the show, do you think she is telling the truth?



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