News: Details On Justin Bieber’s Arrest Emerge

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Justin Bieber mug shot

The Biebs was arrested this morning under counts of a DUI and drag racing in Miami, Florida. As the day progressed a lot was revealed about his first arrest.  Although he has been in the news a lot for his misconduct, this is actually his first time behind bars. He was released on a 2,500 bond and police officers have added resisting arrest to the charges and driving with a suspended license.  Authorities say Justin was leaving the club with his friend and they were both driving rented cars – Justin a yellow lambo and Crazy Kahlil (a singer and Justin’s friend) a red Ferrari.  Some sources say his father was in the club with him and helping clear the way of people in preparation for their drag race. With a girl in each their passenger seats they allegedly began to race off.  Florida police saw the cars and pulled both over at 4am. Police say Justin was a little mouthy asking why he was getting pulled over and yelling curse words at the officers. “What the f*** did I do? Why did you stop me?” Officers also say Justin gave them a hard time while they patted him down for weapons and they say the car wreaked of alcohol. The 19 year old admitted to drinking, being under the influence of weed and having prescription meds in his system that he says his mom gave him and he doesn’t know the name of.  When he failed a field sobriety test he was taken to a Miami jail. Mug shots were all over the internet and then he was released on bond.  When he got outside he stood on his black Cadillac Escalade and waved to his fans ala Michael Jackson. Word is that the girl that was in the car with him is a model that used to date Philly Eagles DeSean Jackson and Diddy’s son Justin as well.  Speculation is that the Biebs may get deported back to Canada, but these charges don’t seem to be enough for deportation.  He would have to get convicted of a more serious crime like rape or murder. Reports say his family is urging that he go to rehab.  Jeez! This kid needs to get it together!



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