News: Drake Begins Filming “Wu-Tang Forever” With A$AP Rocky

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One song off of Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same that gained the most buzz on the net was his track “Wu-Tang Forever,” and everyone had an opinion on the record before and after hearing it. According to Noisey, which published photos from the set, Drake will be joined by A$AP Rocky in atleast part of the video.

“We got off at the top floor and made our way up some stairs, and suddenly I found my myself on a roof, looking directly at a platform that held both Drake and A$AP Rocky,” Noisey says in its story about the video for “Wu-Tang Forever.” “Between the camera crew, friends, and entourage members, there were barely 30 people scattered around the top of the building. Both rappers lip-synced and ad-libbed behind a single camera and in front of a magnificent grand piano. Between takes, managers shouted for Drake’s hot chocolate and the two delegated which movements they’d make during the next shot. After repeating this several times, the final take included Rocky grabbing a brown-bagged [40 ounce bottle of beer] from the piano and spontaneously pouring it out onto the stage. This prompted a few angry crew members to yell for paper towels.” You can see the photos below.

We will see if the video can capture that Wu-Tang essence that should be behind such a strong titled song, and well have it for you first when it drops in the near future!

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