News: Evidence Proves Justin Bieber Was Not Speeding

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Justin Bieber mug shotAccording to new reports it seems like some of the allegations against Justin Bieber that led to his arrest were not completely accurate. Miami police claimed that they clocked Bieber, who was driving a Lamborghini, going between 55-60mph during a “drag race” through the streets at 4AM. Turn out the cars that were allegedly “racing” were rented from a place that had the vehicles equipped with a GPS system that tracks speed. During the police chase- which lasted 15 blocks because police were traveling in the opposite direction and had to make a U-turn to catch up to Bieber’s clan- the car was clocked at going a mere 27mph in a 30mph zone. The fastest the cars were ever clocked going was 52mph and that was long before the chase even started. Additionally, the police report said that Bieber’s blood alcohol level was .014, which is barely measurable, but cops insisted that the pop singer “reeked” of alcohol at the scene. Something’s not adding up here…

Meanwhile Proactiv said they are going to send the Biebs some products. No joke. They really said that.



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