News: Justin Bieber House Raided

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Justin Bieber and Lil Za

Yesterday LAPD raided Justin Bieber’s house with like a dozen police officers. Why you ask? Apparently the Biebs egged his neighbor. The neighbor says that there were 20,000 in damages and at least 20 eggs were used. The cops busted into Justin’s house trying to find the eggs that Justin used to egg his neighbors Calabasas home. I mean really? They were also trying to find video surveillance or any kind of proof that Justin egged the house. Instead they found Justin’s friend Lil Za, who lives with Beiber, and in his possession a drug. Initial reports I read said he had weed in his possession, then they said it was cocaine, now they are saying they found Molly.  Why does the police not know what drug was found? Like sounds suspect! Cocaine could land him three years in prison, while Molly would land him about a year. Justin is not connected to drug finding. While in the booking cell, Lil Za allegedly broke a telephone while trying to arrange his bond, and then he was charged with felony vandalism for the phone incident.




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