News: Kanye West Reveals Second APC Collection

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Over the weekend Kanye West held an intimate Paris Fashion Week event where editors, athletes and members of the media and fashion industry,  were invited to get a first hand look at the second collection as a part of his collaboration with A.P.C.. West alongside A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou revealed his new pieces which include parka-like coats, knits and cargo pants.West spoke to the crowd about the “internet” and “street style” inspiration for the different items in the collection and how he and Touitou collaborate.

In 2013 I decided just to turn up. I said, you know, I tried to approach it in a tasteful way, let me try approaching it in a very non-tasteful way—in a very ‘fuck the world’ type way, where all of this is a dream, and instead of it being a nightmare or frustrated expression of what I can’t get out, let me see if I can get people to understand this…Jean has basically taught me how to drive on the right side of the street, ’cause it’s like I started off in a Lamborghini drunk-driving down the middle of Paris and shit and he’s like ‘Okay now, let me show you the steps to take…Jean has given me the opportunity to take his experience, his taste level—because you have to take a good part. Even if we don’t agree on things sometimes, you know, his level of restraint and my level of turn up, or sometimes he wants to turn up. Sometimes he’ll make like, a leopard T-shirt and be like ‘we should do this leopard T-shirt!’ …I don’t know if I wanna be the black guy that did the leopard T-shirt

The line is expected to debut in either the late summer or early fall. Check out some photos from the event below and read some more excerpts from Kanye’s speech here.

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