News: Lil Terio Is Bound For Failure

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Vine Sensation Terio, who should be in someone’s elementary school, was instead at a media day for the StonerBowl yesterday with Philadelphia Eagles’ player DeSean Jackson who is supposedly his cousin. What the hell! Is Lil Terio on tour? I saw him at a concert. I see him at all these events, but never in school. What business does he have at Stonerbowl Media Day? The 7 year old was taking pics with Randy Moss, dancing with cheerleaders and hanging out with all of the football players. Black Twitter was not to pleased. Tweets included: “Does Lil Terio ever go to school?” The future doesn’t look good for this kid in my opinion. They say he is home schooled and is losing weight, but i seriously hope this kids parents are charging people for his appearances and putting that money in a college fund! #OhKillEm



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