News: Wale Visits Nigeria In New Documentary

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Listening to Wale’s music you’ll know that he is a proud Nigerian! To get closer to his roots he recently took a trip to the country his family is from. If you follow him on Instagram than you got little snippets of the visit including pictures of Le with his father and uncle but RevoltTV cameras were on hand to capture the entire experience. About the visit Wale said:

The whole idea of the trip was for me to find some peace within my family and bring peace to my family…but sometimes, business can get in the way of real life.

Wale was really excited to be able to take time out and visit his family- the majority of which lives in Nigeria. Upon arriving at the Lagos airport he told a reporter:

I feel good. I was excited. I could barely sleep. It’s a real moment to finally be here, man. I’m blessed. I’m excited about it.[…]I’m curious. I’m more curious as to what it’s going to bring to me than what I’m gonna bring. I’m just very alert and really curious about everything from the food to the fashion to the people. The little idiosyncrasies that are within the country. Being that I’m a very family oriented person, only 15 percent of my family lives in the States. Everybody else is here so I got a lot of ground to cover.

The documentary will air on January 20th at 10PM and following the segment Wale will log onto Ustream for a discussion. Check out the trailer below!



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