News: Richard Sherman Discusses The Word ‘Thug’ And What It REALLY Means

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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman actions after the NFC Championship has started a whole discussion about many things and one of things is the meaning of the word ‘thug.’ Sherman said, “The only reason [the word ‘thug’] bothers me is that it seems to be the accepted way of calling somebody the ‘n-word’ now, and they say, ‘Oh, that’s fine.’ And that’s where it kind of takes me aback. It’s disappointing, because they know — what’s the definition of a thug, really? Can a guy on a football field, just talking to people on a football field, be a thug? Maybe I’m talking loudly and talking like I’m not supposed to, but there are hockey players … there was a hockey game where they didn’t even play hockey — they just threw the puck aside and started fighting. I saw that, and I’m just saying, ‘Aw man — and I’m the thug? What’s going on here…So, I’m really disappointed in being called a thug.” Lebron James came to his defensive saying a guy that went to Stanford and is working on getting his masters is not a thug.

In related news, Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree were both mic’d up before Sunday’s game and new audio clips reveal what actually went down before Sherman blasted Crabtree in a post-game interview with Erin Andrews. Sherman ran up to Crabtree to shake his hand and could be heard saying “Hell of a game – hell of game!” before Crabtree shoved him in the face. Sherman has since said that perhaps his outburst was “immature” but he didn’t do anything “illegal” and was surprised that people took his statements “further than football”.



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