News: Wale Launches New Blog- ‘Every Blue Moon’

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Wale has been, and continues to be, all about his fans. Today he launched his new blog, He says the site is for his real day one fans (100 Miles and Running- where ya’ll at?!) not the ‘pass-er-byer’ though he appreciates them. I for one am really excited not just because we used to get super hype out Maryland when KYS played ‘Dig Dug’ but also because it really shows that Wale is one of the few artists who genuinely tries to create and maintain a relationship with his supporters. He’s been counting down the launch of the site via Instagram and a few minutes ago he posted this message:

Ok im launching my blog and im givin away this tune as well. Everybluemoon was designed to empower my FANS not the “pass-er-byer” but the true wale fans. Im trying to develop a better bond wit the FANZ although i appreciate the ppl who casualy supprt n listen to my shit THIS paticular site is for the people who wanna know wassup wit me via traveling fashion kicks sports and most importantly music. I will be sendin updates throughout the week and this site will have everything FIRST. Now about the remix .. I know the song is old but as i said im fuckjn wit my FANs heavy so i flipped it on some “100 miles n runnin ” shyt like “dc gorillaz” (if u been down u know !!) hope yall enjoy . Site will be up and running in few minutes!!! #everybluemoon

In an open letter he posted on the blog he really opened up about the man behind the mic. He explains why he’s gotten so upset over criticism in the past and where the emotion stems from. The letter is heartfelt and refreshingly honest. Read the whole thing here.

He concludes with this Re-Re dedication to greatness.

I may never be the biggest rapper in the world (still one of the best doe) but, I’ll be the most dedicated to my fans and it starts with this right here. This is rare. This is REAL. This is about us. This is about the music again.

#ReasonsWeLoveFolarin #EveryBlueMoon



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