#SayWhatNews Pizza Hut Selling Slices – NFL Concussion Settlement Rejected – So THAT’S What Medicare Is Spending Their Money On

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Pizza Hut Selling Slices! – To keep up with competition Pizza Hut has announced that it will start selling slices of their delicious pies. For now they will only be available in the two tester stores in Nebraska and Rhode Island. They will be made with thinner crusts and will be sold for between $2 and $3 a slice. The most recent change in competition comes in the form of an announcement that Chipotle made of plans to open a chain of pizza cooking restaurants called “Pizzeria Locale” where people can watch their pie being made and cooked fast.


Shout out to our girl State Senator Leanna Washington. Saw her on the Huffinton Post. She’s a voice for women against domestic violence. She puts together the domestic violence walk by the Art Museum in Philly every year. Mina has been apart of the walk for 2 years now so its nice to see her survival story being told.


Judge Rejects NFL Concussion Settlement – There’s been a legal case between the NFL and 4500 retired football players who have filed concussion claims against the league. The NFL proposed a $765 million settlement for all the players with claims, but that sum was rejected by a federal judge, Anita Brody, on the grounds that she believes $756 million may not be enough to handle all of the claims. The settlement was to be paid over a 20 year period covering medical expenses for players who sustained neurological injuries over the course of their playing careers.


Medicare Over Spending On Penises Pumps – If you are ordering penis pumps aka “vacuum erection systems” for erectile dysfunction through Medicare chances are you may not be getting them anymore. The inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services found that Medicare is paying twice as much compared to people who are not on government assistance program. A recent report suggest that Medicare puts a cap on the payment limit for these devices or include them in a competitive bidding program considering Medicare spent $38.6 million on VES’s in 2011 up from $20.6 million in 2006. A representative for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services commented on the pricey penis pump concerns with this statement, “While Medicare strives to pay appropriately for items and services, and has had success replacing outdated pricing with more reasonable market prices for items covered by our competitive bidding program, CMS does not currently have the authority to subject this equipment to competitive bidding.”

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