#SayWhatNews – Snapchat Security Breach – DeSean Jackson Clears Up Contract Rumors – Paul Walker Autopsy Reveals.. – A McDonald’s Diet?

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Snapchat Plans Security Upgrade – Following a security breech that allowed hackers to collect the usernames and phone numbers of more than 4 million users- Snapchat has plans to release a more secure version of the application. Snapchat is just another video and pictures sharing app. I actually also heard that they were warned before the hack happened by some techies that pointed out some security weaknesses with the app and allegedly Snapchat ignored it. Of course they deny that. The new version will allow users to “opt out” of the “Find Friends” feature that experts believe was the reason for the breech. The app has been warned about its security issues twice in the past. For users who are concerned about the information access Gibson security (the firm that has been warning Snapchat from the beginning) said that they can delete their accounts but, “this won’t remove your phone number from the already circulating leaked database.” To be even safer they suggest that you “ensure that your security settings are up to scratch on your social media profiles. Be careful about what data you give away to sites when you sign up — if you don’t think a service requires your phone number, don’t give it to them”


Paul Walker’s Autopsy Revelations – A little over a month after Paul Walkers untimely death an official autopsy has been released. According to the coroner Walker suffered a broken wrist and arm and severe burns that left his tissue and organs unable to be donated. He was also described as being in a “pugilistic stance” which means that he was trying to protect himself from the flames at the point of impact. The car was said to be traveling at more than 100mph and spun 180 degrees before coming to a stop. Rodas, the driver of the vehicle, was described as dying “rapidly of “severe blunt head, neck and chest trauma” with “multiple rib fractures, lung and brain lacerations, and 100 percent of his body was burned.” They said his brain was exposed and skull was fractured.


Boy Kills Cousin Over X Box – A 13 year old Chicago boy is in custody after he allegedly killed his 16 year old cousin following an argument they had over an X Box game. The 16 year old victim was shot in the head while he was sleeping and was pronounced dead at a hospital about an hour and a half later. The suspect admitted to police that he shot his cousin and was arrested and charged as a juvenile with 1st degree murder. It is still unclear where he got the 9mm semi-automatic hand gun from. SMH!


Mcdonald’s Diet – A high school teacher from Iowa went on a mission to prove that weight loss is more about what you eat than where you eat. His 3 month experiment lasted about 90 days and he dropped 37 pounds eating nothing but Mcdonalds. While he ate at the Mac everyday he followed a strict 2000 calorie/day limit and tried to stick to the recommended daily amounts of protein, carbohydrates and cholesterol. The teacher described himself as a “slob” and says that he ate a variety of things like Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, sundaes and ice cream cones. His meals usually consisted of: two Egg White Delight McMuffins, a bowl of McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and 1% milk for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a value menu for dinner. He made sure to walk 45 minutes a day. In addition to his weight loss he says that his cholesterol also dropped from 249 to 170. While the teacher was able to prove that it’s not about where you eat nutritionists do not suggest this McDonalds overload as a method to losing weight.

DeSean Jackson Clarifies Contract Rumors – Jackson inked a new 5-year, $50 million dollar contract in the offseason leading up to the 2012 season with $10 million guaranteed and just under 2 years, with three years remaining on his deal. There are rumors that he wants to re-negotiate his contract. According to many sources, while cleaning out his locker at the Eagles facility, he told reporters that his $10 million a year salary really isn’t enough and he needs a new deal. The quote reads, “I definitely feel it’s something deserving, “We’ll see how that plays out, and hopefully we can work things out smoothly and not have to worry about anything out of the ordinary. But I definitely feel like it’s deserving. I’m proven in this league, and after this past year, went out there, no distractions, and just really put it all in for my team and went out there and had a lot of success, so we’ll see how it goes.”

On instagram DeSean Clarified what was said,


OJ Simpson Appeals To Obama – OJ Simpson is saying he was terminal brain cancer and has appealed to President Obama for clemency. In his recent request, OJ, who’s serving a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery, said he should be allowed to leave his Nevada jail cell to go home and die peacefully, according to reports from various news outlets. I can’t with OJ. Lot sof people go through things in jail. He doesn’t get special treatment.

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