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One In Four Tweens Sext – It’s no secret that teens are acting like adults earlier and earlier but a new study suggests that 22% of tweens admit to ‘sexting.’ The study published in the journal ‘Pediatrics’ surveyed 420 students between the ages of 12 and 14 who admitted to “text[ing] someone a sexual message to flirt with them” within the past 6 months. Thankfully, only 5% of those questioned admitted to sending sexual photos. Parents you might be a little worried, but researchers said that teen pregnancy rates have reached record lows- despite the new craze with shows like ‘16 And Pregnant’- since they peaked in 1990. The study reached the rough conclusion that preteens who sext are “four to seven times more likely to also engage in other sexual behaviors, compared to adolescents who said they didn’t sext,” but there is no definitive link or causation between sexting behaviors and sexual behaviors.


Chris Christie Under Fire – NJ Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie is under some major fire for some allegations that have surfaced against members of his team. According to reports, his deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly (no not my girl who is signed to Roc Nation) and his campaign manager Bill Stepien exchanged emails where they agreed to shut down some streets in Fort Lee, NJ to cause traffic on the George Washington Bridge.  Doesn’t sound like a big problem right. Well apparently this caused so many problems that EMT vehicles could not get by. So why did they do this? To cause some issues for the mayor in that city for not backing Chris Christie allegedly. Christie has fired Kelly and asked Stepien to withdraw his name as the leader of the NJ’s Republican party. He said “I am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team…There is no doubt in my mind the conduct exhibited is completely unacceptable and showed a lack of respect for the appropriate role of government and the people we are trusted to serve.” Christie answered questions during a press conference for nearly two hours where he said that he had no involvement or awareness of the lane closures and said that Kelly “lied” to him about the situation. Christies former deputy chief of staff David Wildstein- who resigned in December- was also involved. He was the recipient of a message from Kelly that said “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” to which he replied “Got it.” Three lanes on the Fort Lee Bridge were closed causing severe traffic jams and impeding emergency vehicles from responding to calls. The US attorney’s office is launching a federal investigation to “review the matter to determine whether a federal law was implicated.”


Solar Storm Affecting GPS – Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association are predicting a solar storm that could impact communication and GPS accuracy. NOAA reps say, “Solar flares can disrupt power grids, interfere with high-frequency airline and military communications, disrupt Global Positioning System (GPS) signals, interrupt civilian communications, and blanket the Earth’s upper atmosphere with hazardous radiation.” The intensity of the storm has been increased from “moderate” to strong”. Passenger jets have been diverted and a cargo rocket that was supposed to be sent to the International Space Station has been postponed.


Macy’s Firing – Despite this recent company statement, “The 2013 holiday season was successful for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s as we offered fresh and distinctive merchandise. Even in a questionable macroeconomic environment with challenging weather in multiple states, the positive response from our customers during the holiday season is yet another vote of confidence that our well-established strategies continue to work for us” Macy’s has announced that they will be closing five stores and laying off 2500 employees. The move will save the retailer $100 million this year. Some of the affected workers will be able to transfer to an online division. Despite the five closing there are plans to open eight other stores nationwide.


Mile High Flights To Colorado Available – To play on the new legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Spirit Airlines is offering discounted flights to the state. The offer’s website explains the “Mile High” deal, “If you want to make a beeline for Colorado right now, we don’t blame you — but we’re up to take you to plenty of chill destinations. … Book today … and be sure to pack some munchies.” The airline is offering $10 off any flight from January 13th to March 12th to any destination even thought “The no smoking sign is off (In Colorado)”. The offer isn’t valid on Sundays and there must be a 7 day advance purchase.


Dolphins Get High From Pufferfish – A BBC show called “Dolphins: Spy In The Pod” caught something pretty crazy on camera. Dolphins were seen chewing on pufferfish. The pufferfish, when defending themselves, emit a a nerve toxin which when consumed in low doses by dolphins has a narcotic effect.

Gmail IS NOT Safe – Last year Google has made it clear that people who send or receive e-mail via Gmail should not expect their messages to remain private. There was a class action lawsuit against Google for keeping a string of emails without a warrant and Google had it dismissed. In defense Google says, “they use automated scanning to filter spam and deliver targeted advertising to its users, [they] noted that plaintiffs consented to the practice in exchange for the e-mail services. “ Now the New York Times is reporting that Google will be allowing anyone who has a google plus account to be emailed through gmail by people that don’t have you email. People will be able to hit a button on google plus that will send an email to your gmail. The emailer won’t have your email unless you respond! The emails that will be coming through google plus will clearly say this email is being sent to you via google plus. The ability for anyone on Google Plus to email a Gmail user will be automatically turned on. If you don’t to get random emails from people on your google plus than you need to turn it off by visiting the General tab on the Gmail Settings page. You can choose to receive email from anyone on Google Plus, people in you circles or extended circles or no one. I’m choosing no one.

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