New Artist: Doobie Darko

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2014 is already month in and there are definitely some artists that we have to keep an eye on for the new year. One of these rising artists goes by the name Doobie Darko- a rapper coming out of the DMV. If you’re into the “twerk”, “pop bottles” and “money, cars & hoes” tracks of today this may not be the post for you but if you’re looking for new music from an artist with a refreshing flow, creative sound, dope wordplay and messages with substance then keep reading.

Doobie Darko is an artist who isn’t focused on “instant gratification”. His music calls for listeners who are willing to dissect bars and learn from his point of view. He’s definitely not one of those rappers who is going to make a quick change in his sound in exchange for a check- no shade to artists out there who are about that life though. He prides himself on the fact that he “doesn’t make music for people”:

I say what I want and feel, and since my brain never stops soaking up information, its easy to have content that isn’t redundant or played.  I have a social awareness to my music- speaking about domestic and foreign issues blatantly or metaphorically, but always looking to have a message or teaching point within each song.

It’s nice to know that there are rising stars out there focused on delivering more than just a hot beat or club anthem for their listeners.

Doobie Darko started rapping about 4 years ago and really stumbled across the talent. Since dropping his first bars on a Rock Band mic and a demo version of Mixcraft he has really developed his skills and dropped some quality music. Darko has several mixtapes under his belt including: “Not Ya Average Joe“, “The Midway” and his personal favorite “The Genesis: Fossil Files“. He is currently working with an independent entity but given the CRAZY success of independent artists last year- cough Macklemore cough- independent artists are NOT to be slept on. Take a listen to “The Genesis” mixtape and the song “On My Way” below. For more you can check out!

The Genesis: Fossil Files

“On My Way”



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