New Artist Video: Black Cobain- Hunger

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You honestly can’t tell me that Black Cobain isn’t the hardest working new artist in the game. Since dropping his most recent mixtape Perfect Contradiction back in November, Cobain has been going non-stop. Just last month he released the visuals to Thank You and the Casey Veggies-assisted Disrespectful in addition to performing at SOB’s in NYC and as a headliner for the Connecting Cool show in DC (which was on point if I do say so myself!). Black Cobain is a refreshingly honest artist- rapping about his experiences and his genuine indifference to what ANYONE has to say about his grind. Loved it since day one. He sat down for an interview were he described how he got into music and what his journey has been like thus far. In response to where the inspiration for the track & video for ‘Hunger’ came from he said:

The vision for the track was simple: never run somebody else’s race. You have to focus on your life and know that God has a plan for you. You know, a lot of time people get caught in comparing their life to how others live. No matter the class you’re in–poverty, middle class, wealthy–you have to stay hungry like you never had shit because nobody wants to see you win. I wanted to show the real, show the pain, paint the picture of what goes on day to day and being able to overcome the odds; to show life as we know it. It’s rare that artist paint a picture this vivid in their video nowadays. We just wanted to take it back to the essence.

Check out the full interview here!



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