News: Restaurant Has Beyonce & Jay Z Themed Valentine’s Day Dinner

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jay and bey Beyonce and Jay Z are not going anywhere- in case you were wondering. A restaurant in NYC called Brucie has created an entire a la carte Valentines Day menu dedicated to the couple. The chef and owner of the spot said:

“I’m not even a person who cares about celebrities, but Beyoncé is just wonderfully radiant and someone that gets people excited—it’s so interesting when you find a public figure who is so much more than their last movie or CD… The menu is funny, but we take our food very seriously and realize that people are coming and spending money, and we want them to have a beautiful, interesting meal.”

Some of the titles include “Jay-Ziti”, “Buga-Bouillabasse”, “Breastiny’s Child”, and “I Am Pasta Fierce”.  The ambiance of the restaurant will come complete with a Bey and Jay soundtrack to accompany your Carter-filled meal! You can email for reservations and details! Check out the full menu below! menu



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