News: Kanye West And Questlove Defend Drake

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questlove and kanye

Last week Drake was in the headlines for his Rolling Stone interview for several reasons. First, his response to the Macklemore’s Grammy text was being talked about then his Twitter response to the magazine deciding to pull his cover and replace it with Phillip Hoffman at the last minute.  Then there were the off the record comments he said about Kanye’s questionable lyrics on Yeezus. Well Drake has since apologized for his emotional response but Questlove has spoken up and taken Drizzy’s side- calling out Rolling Stone for its actions. Quest took to Twitter to say,

“man, @Drake is a better man than i. RS can’t be playing w/ someone’s emotions like that. anytime we given a scrap that is historical… then they revoke his (@Drake‘s) cover like “aint no thing”. i personally live vicariously anytime someone on my side of the fence gets cover… no fair RS. do right by @Drake. why y’all acting like cover stories aren’t the stuff thats made of dreams?”

Yeezus also ranted about this situation during his tour stop in Newark, NJ and said he’s not letting these magazine put him against Drake. Watch it below.



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