News: Kanye West’s Yeezus Film Is Happening

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Kanye West

Earlier this month rumors surfaced that Kanye West was working on a film version of his latest album, Yeezus, along with screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis. According to reports this film is actually in the works and a page from the script has even been leaked on a website, SlamXHype. Sources say that they paid big money for an iPhone screen shot of the script complete with hand written notes by Kanye himself. SlamXHype writes this about the script, “It’s rough and wild and makes almost no (maybe the expected amount of) sense. Our minds = blown. If you got a chance to see any of the Yeezus Tour, you’ll recognize the scene as it appears that Ellis is sticking literally to the plot of Kanye’s tour: the page comes from a scene in which Kanye meets Jesus at the top of a mountain, who tasks him with “ending the world’s ambivalence.” In the notes, which seem to be written by West himself, he indicates that Jesus should be played by actor Liam Neeson (which is amazing). The script shows dialogue between Kanye and Jesus. Check it out HERE




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