News: Kendrick Lamar Working On Second Album

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Kendrick Lamar has revealed what fans can expect from his upcoming sophomore album. During a recent visit to the UK, K Dot spoke to a UK magazine and said that he’s working on his new album and the gloomy weather will help his process. He said,

“I love it. Y’all weather’s a bit gloomy right now, I like gloomy weather. I work best and do most of my album under gloomy weather, so you’ll hear a lot of dark tracks in there.”

The rapper also revealed which album he has listened to the most. He said, “That’s hard, that’s tough. They played a lot of Tupac All Eyez On Me, Me Against The World, they probably played that track a hundred thousand times in our house.

On working with Drake he said,

“I went on his Club Paradise tour and we really built a bond, a relationship, since the first time we met. He put me on his album, which was the interlude, [“Buried Alive Interlude”], we always said it was gonna work, it was just about finding the right song, that was the right song.”

Can’t wait to hear what Kendrick is working on!



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