News: Nas Documentary Screening Details Revealed

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The Tribeca Film Festival in NY will be featuring the Nas documentary as the debut film for its opening night. The project is called “Time Is Illmatic” and takes viewers through the creation, trials and tribulations Nas faced while recording his 1994 album “Illmatic”. The film will premiere just a day after Nas’ Illmatic XX- the 20th anniversary of the album- is slated to drop. In response to the announcement Nas said,

“I want to thank the Tribeca Film Festival for supporting the film with the incredible platform they’ve built over the years…It’s an honor to premiere this film in my hometown. I also want to thank One9 and Erik Parker for their persistence and hard work. Those guys and I come from the same place and era, which gives the doc an authenticity that is important to me. We wanted this film to represent the real, from the storyline all the way down to the directors and producers.” One of the film’s producers, One9, also shared his thanks and his overview of the film, “Throughout the journey, we see the metamorphosis of Nas as a young street poet, full of a rich musical legacy, transforming the pain and isolation of growing up in Queensbridge Houses into raw, honest lyrics, illuminating a spirit that inspired generations from the past, present, and the future. Experiencing the stories, passion, and energy of a modern day alchemist shaping lyrical dust to diamonds was truly an honor and we are extremely proud to premiere the film at Tribeca.”

The festival will be held in Manhattan from April 16-27. Love this album and i love this guy and my birthday is on April 28th! I might just have to check this out as a birthday gift to myself!



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