News: Nicki Minaj Talks About Her “Lookin Ass” Song

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Nicki Minaj talked to the homie DJ Drama to discuss her controversial new track ‘Lookin Ass N***a’ and ended up talking about how it came to life. The Malcolm X cover is over shadowing the dopeness of the song. She said that she was in NY for the BMI awards where Cash Money was honored and they all went out to eat afterwards. The song’s producer, Detail, was there too. Nicki said, “Safaree went outside and spoke to him like, ‘Yo…Nicki’s about to start working on her album heavy,’ and he [said], ‘Oh word? I’ve been trying to get in the studio with her.’ So they set it up, we came about to L.A. …and ‘Lookin’ Ass N****a’ was the first thing I did with him. It took a minute because I wanted to perfect every line… and it came out really good.” In terms of the actual lyrics, Nicki thinks if you’re real you’ll like the song. She said,

“If you bitchin’ about this song, somethin’ ain’t right, because all my real n****s textin’ me lie, ‘Yo, I’m so glad you gettin’ these n****s’ asses!’ I’m talkin’ about n****s that really move weight, you know what I’m sayin’?…I dunno, if you’ve got a problem with it, you guilty of somethin’.”

Nicki is putting these dudes on blast!



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